It may be easy to recycle your household waste like cans and bottles, but when it comes to larger amounts of scrap metal it seems to be a harder task. But recycling scrap metal is a very worthwhile task and there are a lot of benefits attached.

Recycling in the west midlands is a booming business. It involves the processing of waste materials into new products. Instead of ending up on landfill, metal becomes useful once again. If you are wondering whether to take your scrap metal to a recycling facility or a scrap metal dealer, here are some of the reasons why metal recycling is a good idea.

1. Recycling Metal Preserves Natural Resources

Scrap metal is used again and again – there is practically no limit to the life of a metal object. This means that every time a piece of metal is recycled it removes the need to create a piece of metal from scratch. This helps to preserve resources that are increasingly limited in the world. This benefits the environment over the long term.

2. Metal Recycling Saves Money

As well as saving the environment, recycling metal helps save money, according to the Scrap Yard Tipton experts. It is in most cases more economical to recycle steel metal than it is to mine the ore and create metal from the earth. It is good value because the product made from recycled metal is just the same quality as one made from virgin metal. So you get something high quality for less.

3. Recycling Metal Saves Energy

Recycled metal always helps reduce energy – the energy used when creating metals is intensive. When you recycle aluminium, for example, you can save 95 percent of the energy used in creating new metal.

4. Recycling Metal Cuts Pollution

Recycling in the west midlands and across the world cuts down damaging pollution levels including reducing air pollution and water pollution. This is because creating new metals is a very polluting process. Recycling has fewer of these negative aspects.

5. Recycled Metals Reduce Landfill

Plus, by recycling metal rather than sending it to the landfill you are helping conserve the landfill space that could be used for more positive tasks. There is only a finite amount of space on the earth that can be used for landfill – once it’s filled it cannot be used any more, since metal takes thousands of years to degrade.

6. Metal Recycling Reduces CO2 Emissions

It is very important to prevent excessive CO2 emissions in a world that is steadily heating up due to greenhouse gases. Using recycled metals cuts emissions and helps contribute to a greener planet.


  1. I really appreciate you helping me learn the value behind recycling and why everyone should start doing it. I have a lot of unused gadgets here at home, so I can see how properly disposing of and recycling them can be a big help for people who want to save up resources. I’ll look for a recycling plant I can take my scrap appliances to for sure.


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