It seems 2017 is shaping up to be a prime year for original packaging design. There are thousands of new and redesigned products on the shelves making use of effective, stylish packaging ideas. Design trends for packaging touch on the images, the fonts, the style of the labels, and many more aspects of product design.

Take a look at the main trends coming through in original packaging design this year. Get some inspiration for the design of your next top product.

1. Minimalist and Bold

Bold design that displays a good amount of white space plus standout imagery and fonts has been popular for many years. This trend has been back with a vengeance in 2017. It is a way of making the most important points of the product stand out. It also helps your product stand out on the shelf among your competitors and it shows that you are modern and trustworthy – you have nothing to hide.

2. Storytellers

Original and effective packaging design is not just a way of packaging a product so it can be sold. It is the art of storytelling; building a story around a brand and using illustration and images that bring the human touch to your packaging and product. Take a look at some of the best types of storytelling design for inspiration.

3. Original Paper Packaging

Printing methods are evolving and paper packaging can now be a work of art. If you are designing packaging or custom shipping boxes that mainly uses paper you have a lot of options from the printing technique to the type of paper you use.

4. Original Lettering

You can also get creative with what was previously a very standard part of the design, the lettering. The typeface for your logo says a lot about your brand and can really bring a touch of originality to the overall design. We have been seeing a lot of very creative typefaces on brand logos and packaging this year.

5. Bold Patterns

Pattern repetition is a very good way of making your design stand out. Bold patterns which are repeated across the packaging help to reinforce a brand and also give a distinct look to the packaging.

6. Bespoke Packaging

One key trend for 2017 is packaging as art – unique packaging that really pushes the limits of design and takes the product out of the realm of the ordinary. This type of packaging can make a huge impact and be the difference between your product and a competitor’s being picked.


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