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How to write a killer blog post from scratch in 3 simple steps


Content marketing is a great way to bring more visibility and potential customers to your website. If you’re planning on doing any sort of content marketing in the near future, that probably means you will have to write a blog post at some point.

Writing has been around for thousands of years as a major form of communication amongst humans. Things like video and audio are great and certainly serve their purpose, but there is something special about putting pen to paper that sends a very powerful message.

If you are new to writing, don’t sweat it.

This article will teach you how to write a killer blog post from scratch in just 3 simple steps.

1. Start with an Idea

Before you start writing anything, you obviously have to have something important to write about. “Important” is the key word here, and what is important to you may not necessarily be what is important to your audience.

Which do you think matters more?

The best way to finding good ideas to write about is to gain inspiration from other existing content. Tools such as Buzzsumo are perfect for finding out what sorts of articles are already performing well.

Then, you can either improve upon an idea that you find or put a different twist on it.

2. A Good Outline Does the Heavy Lifting for You

Once you have an idea, you may feel like it’s time to start writing.

Not quite yet.

First, you want to put together a bulleted outline of key sections that the blog post is going to contain. For example, this article started out with just a title, the three bolded sections that you see, and a conclusion.

Once you nail that down, then you want to go one step further and create a detailed outline. Write out as much about each section as possible. Don’t worry about forming complete sentences or making things flow.

Only focus on putting as much information down in each section as possible.

The outline is also the right time to start thinking about what sort of key images you plan to include. Once again, you don’t need to go into super detail here, but definitely note where and what the important images should look like.

If you plan on using something like an augmented reality online tool for your images, that would be a good example of a type of image you would want to work out ahead of time.

3. Write the Article

Finally, with your outline completed, it’s time to get to work.

As you start plowing your way through each section, you will probably notice that – assuming you did the outline right – your article is extremely easy to write.

Instead of focusing on a massive 1,000-word article at once, the outline has broken it down into five or so 200-word chunks. Pretty easy when you think of it that way.

After you get all of the sections completed, you will want to finish the article by adding in the rest of your images and making sure each section flows from one to the other.

Publishing Your First Post

With what you learned above, you will find that writing and publishing a killer blog post is a simple and repeatable process. It doesn’t have to be as scary as many people make it out to be. Follow the steps and be well on your way to becoming a writing expert.


  1. Blogs are no longer read, they are scanned. If you do not “design” your posts by giving them a proper structure, you take away the opportunity for your readers to get a quick idea of the content of your post. Do not count on the patience of your visitors.

  2. Some bloggers think that using a technical slang and writing posts with words incomprehensible to the common public are demonstrating how much they know. And in reality, all they get is to close the doors of their blog for a large part of their potential audience.

  3. In my case, thinking a little about my own mistakes, the common denominator of almost all my articles is a lack of discipline that leads me to lose focus constantly, due precisely to this activity I like, a problem that I crave should be very common.


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