The modern marketplace is filled with complex campaigns, industry changes and steep competition, which is why it is more important than ever to simplify and update your operations.

It is easy for sales to plunge or for long-term clients to end their contracts in time, which is why you must do your best to remain relevant in your industry. To help you do so, we are showing you how to radically transform your business.

Create a New Vision

A business leader is responsible for determining a company’s vision. Once you have achieved your company’s goals, it is vital to create a new vision that will propel a business into the future. If your business has lost its focus, it might be time to transform the company’s mission, image and services to continue to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.

Develop a Strategic Plan

Once you have defined a company vision, your next task will be to develop a strategic plan, which goes beyond budgeting and forecasting. You must identify how you will reach a business goal and any challenges an organization may need to overcome to achieve the vision. A plan will provide a proactive approach to organize and execute a successful sales and marketing strategy.

Embrace Innovation

Embrace innovation to enable your business to adapt, evolve and grow. For instance, update old products or services to complement consumer demand, or find a new use for an old product. Big or little innovations can create a more forward-thinking company that will ensure your business stands the test of time. Always encourage new ideas, opinions and feedback from customers, clients and staff. Use this feedback to continually alter, update or change products, services and processes to become or remain an industry leader.

Office in a church by Annie SprattModernize Your Workforce

Older personnel will bring the experience and skills a business needs to compete in an industry. Yet, bringing in newer, younger personnel should not be overlooked. Younger workers can breathe new life into a company, as they will offer alternative viewpoints and ideas to modernize a brand. You can also utilize many skills that didn’t exist ten years ago, such as an app developer, social media specialist, cloud computing specialist or a YouTube content creator.

Synchronize Your Data

Synchronize business data by connecting your cloud applications and apps using – iPaaS integration platform as a service. This powerful platform can simplify business productivity, as the data will flow seamlessly between popular systems to streamline tasks. Compare plans to identify the best option for your company.

Up-to-Date Training

Grow your employees’ skills and experience to grow your business successfully. Regularly provide the latest training programs to ensure they state up-to-date on the latest industry developments, changes and skills. This will create a stronger workforce, as you will create a dedicated team of loyal, talented and skilled employees who will work hard for your company.

Transparent Communications

Keep your staff in the loop with open and honest communications about any company changes. Your team will appreciate transparency, and it will prevent rumours circulating throughout the business. What’s more, it will unite a team over creating a management versus employee culture. Inform staff of any announcements or news either via an email update or in a meeting with every department.

Create a New Business Structure

The time may have come to reimagine a new business structure, which may result in the development of new departments and managers. What’s more, it might be time to cut outdated job roles and departments to gain greater control of a sales, marketing and customer service strategy.

Raise Your Profile

A business owner can often become a company’s best marketing tool. It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B or B2C entrepreneur, your story to success, industry insights and community contributions can captivate and inspire people of all ages.

To build trust in your brand, aim to raise your profile on a local, national or international level. Attend conferences, deliver presentations, write insightful blogs on your industry or sponsor a local event. You can even reach out to journalists to become a voice of your industry should they require an inside perspective.

A New Pricing Model

Remain competitive by introducing a new pricing model that will have people queuing around the block. All it may take to boost your sales is a free three-day trial, which could encourage a customer to sign-up to a monthly subscription fee. It is believed up to 60% of visitors who sign-up to a free trial will embark with a monthly subscription. A customer has nothing to lose by trying the risk-free service, but you have everything to gain.

Outsource Talent

Do you have too many tasks to complete and not enough time, money or employees to do it? Consider outsourcing tasks to talented freelancers, who have the skills, talent and experience to complete high-quality projects time and again. It will help to take the strain off your employees, and you can utilize talent you may not have in-house.

Improve Your Business Connections

Websites such as LinkedIn make it easier than ever before to connect with different entrepreneurs, business owners, PR gurus and talented professionals. Reach out by adding a member to your network, and you could even write a message to invite them for a coffee to pick their brain. It is a great way to develop a professional network, which will allow you to share ideas or discuss potential collaborations. What’s more, you could create a networking group that encourages professional to meet once per month to discuss business, share advice and offer inspiration.


A business transformation focuses on so much more than potential improvement areas. It is about altering a mindset to reinvent your business operations. More often than not, a business needs to transform due to technological advancements, industry developments, increased competition or regulatory changes. Identify where you currently stand in your industry to identify if, why and how you need to change to compete both on and offline.



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