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The Importance of Office Layout for the Modern Business

BusinessThe Importance of Office Layout for the Modern Business

A first impression is generally a lasting one. The minute someone steps foot into an office space, whether they be a customer, a client or even an employee, you want them to feel comfortable and happy to be there. While placing a desk in one corner and a pot plant in the other might feel a bit mundane in the whole scheme of things, how an office looks for your business is more important than you might think.

Out with the old and in with the new

This is because businesses today are recognising the importance of designing office layout around the needs of their employees and customers. Gone are the days of multiple rows of desks or workstations, with many businesses now favouring the modern appeal of open plan layouts, with a focus on comfort and team collaboration. Whether the office is street based, in a highly sought-after CBD location like through www.servcorp.com.my/ or even from the comfort of your home, how it is set up will speak volumes about you, your business and what you’re hoping to achieve. If your space doesn’t reflect the way you conduct business it can have a negative impact on your overall success.

Keep up with change

Constant changes in technology, the need to always be available or contactable and higher employee values are all a big part of the need to keep things fresh and modern in today’s business market. There are also many benefits to keeping things modern in your office, from attracting fresh talent to impressing clients and customers. Keeping up with change is ultimately the lifeblood of modern business. If you aren’t willing to adapt to the ever-growing and rapidly changing market, you’ll find it hard to keep customers interested.

An efficient workplace makes a difference

Efficiency is important in any business and the best way to increase it in the workplace and ensure tasks are always carried out in the right way, is to give your employees the resources they need. Create a central hub for printing and copying but keep teleconferencing or meeting areas in a quieter or more suitable part of the office. Ensure your office design and layout are compatible with daily routines and set up working spaces to suit job types and promote collaboration. If necessary provide a combination of working spaces so employees can match the method to the job at hand.

The next level

Open floor plans are leading the way with many businesses also keeping in tune with digital changes allowing for different technology set ups with some companies even providing comfort areas with bean bags to enable work on a laptop computer or tablet device. Modern office trends are also allowing for more creativity and fun with things like lounge areas often including games and other activities increasing the rate of productivity among happier and more relaxed employees. Good workplace design also has the potential to speed up daily routines, minimising downtime and fostering positive energy.

It’s all about the environment

Staring at white or boring colourless walls are also becoming a thing of the past. Inject life and colour into the workspace, put up artwork or photos and use it as an opportunity to promote your brand even further and leave a longer lasting impression. If you’re all about keeping things fresh, be versatile and transform your office on a regular basis. Don’t go overboard to the point where it becomes too much, but change furniture regularly and encourage employees to move around as well. Ensuring your office has the right rooms or spaces creates an environment where staff can do great work. Just like an ideal home environment, the office should be a comfortable space that people enjoy being in encouraging inspiration, creativity and productivity while also reflecting on the company’s culture.

The layout of your office can have a major impact on the efficiency, productivity and morale of your employees. These elements will ultimately affect the success of your business. You can help ensure the effect is a positive one by creating a layout in your office that is designed for and reflects the way you do business.


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