These days every small (and large) business has a website. It’s the only way to effectively reach your target audience and grow your online presence. Let’s face it, most people will Google a company to find out more about its products and services before they place an order.

Here are some tips and observations to help you use the internet to grow your business online.

Banner ads

Banner ads are a great way to tap into areas of the web where your target audience is. To be effective, make sure you link them to keywords; these perform much better in searches than random placements. Be sure to place your banners on sites which actually fit your target market to maximise return, so a bit of research here is necessary. Don’t go mad with huge, overwhelming banners. Aim for a file size of less than 15KB to keep your ad clear but not OTT.


When creating content for your website, try to use keywords that are specific to your product or service. Appropriate keywords can help to drive traffic to your site, bringing in sales and promoting your brand and business – not to mention helping you soar up the search engine results.

Social media

Almost everyone these days has a social media account on one of the many social networking platforms. Advertising on Facebook is a great way to spread the word about your business and tweeting regularly can help to keep your brand in the front of people’s minds. LinkedIn is a useful platform for networking with other businesses who may be able to share their audience with you and it can also be used as an advertising medium.


Every business website needs a blog. A blog is your platform for advertising upcoming new product releases and special offers, plus tutorials and useful tips to your existing client base and to potential new customers. Make sure that the content in your blog is relevant and that you keep it fresh by adding new articles regularly.

If writing is not your strong suit, use the services of a freelance blogger to create content for you.

Product reviews

One very good way of growing your business online is to ask for product reviews from customers and to publish them on your website. These days very few people buy anything without checking out the reviews on the item that have been left by previous purchasers. Be honest and include a few three and four-star reviews, rather than solely five stars!

Email marketing

If used with caution, email marketing can be another very effective way of growing your business. You can email existing customers to alert them to special offers, events, and promotions that are upcoming and you can also encourage visitors to your website to subscribe to your mailing list so that they don’t miss out.

A word of caution though; don’t fall into the trap of emailing too frequently or with messages that may not be relevant or interesting. This sort of communication falls into the category of spam and will quickly turn people off to your business.

In conclusion

Effective internet advertising is crucial if you want to grow your business online. Use the tips given above to draw traffic to your website that converts and watch your ROI go from strength to strength.


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