Five cost-effective office updates and investments for your co-working space

Ever get a glimpse of those sweet co-working spaces that have become cornerstones of Silicon Valley and thought “Man, why can’t I have that?”

Well, what’s holding you back?

Remote work and flexible jobs are all the rage right now, as are awesome spaces for teams to get down to work together. Whether you run a remote team or work from one, upgrading your space should be a top priority for the sake of your mental well-being and productivity. After all, it certainly pays to actually look forward to getting to work, doesn’t it?

Keep in mind the following five upgrades and investments for anyone looking to step up their co-working while sticking to a budget. Although you may not be able to purchase all of these items at once, you can chip away at thist list over time to create the ideal environment for you and your team.

Better Lighting
Poor lighting can put a damper on your team’s mood and productivity, although many spaces often overlook this fact.

That’s why your co-working space needs proper shading solutions like roman shades to control the level of light in any given room. Beyond tying the room together, experimenting with shades and natural light can totally transform the vibe of your space as you feel less like you’re literally stuck in the dark.

Smarter Seating
Agreeing on seating is easier said than done in a day and age where offices are so diverse in terms of what they offer. For example, some people prefer traditional desks while others are all about standing desks to keep themselves on their feet. Meanwhile, balance balls are likewise popular for those concerned about their posture.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with seating just as you would with lighting. Simply ask around your team to get a consensus on which direction your space should move and arrange it accordingly.

Allowing your team the opportunity to step away from the screen and put pen to paper allows workers to get their creative juices flowing. Having whiteboards set up around your meeting spaces or a whiteboard on wheels that can be moved from room to room is a quick investment that allows your team to show off their creative side while getting down to business.

A Killer Kitchen
If you want your space to have that “home away from home” vibe, you’re going to need to keep it well stocked. Mini-fridges, gourmet office coffee machines and toaster ovens represent the essentials for a killer kitchen to keep your team less tempted to take off for lunch or coffee at the first sign of boredom. Similarly, the ability to keep your colleagues caffeinated is crucial for those all-nighters or extended meetings.

Art and Inspiration
Finally, fostering a creative workplace means inspiring your team. Although it might seem like fluff to post artwork around your space, giving your team something to look at beyond dull walls can improve their moods. You don’t need to break the bank of such décor: local art events and even Amazon are great places to spot awesome artwork for next to nothing.

Don’t let your co-working space fall to the wayside. With these tips in mind, you can provide your team with a space where they’ll truly look forward to spending to their time and getting work done.


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