How has vaping changed the smoking industry?

The idea for e-cigarettes was thought up by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003, in an attempt to reduce deaths caused by cigarettes. Since then the vaping industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Initially introduced to the public in 2007, e-cigarettes have really picked steam. Many cigarette smokers have switched to e-cigarettes due to the produce being less harmful since it is not filled with tobacco and other chemicals. Since then e-cigarette manufacturers have had a lot of opposition from anti-smoking lobbies which has resulted in laws specific to vaping being introduced.

Vapor vs. tobacco

The vaping industry has become quite a threat to the big tobacco companies. As more and more smokers switch to vapors due to it being less harmful, providing more flavor, or any other reason. This has led to tobacco companies supporting numerous laws and regulations that are being set forth by governing bodies around the world that target vapor production. Many big tobacco companies have tried to infiltrate the market also but haven’t too successful.

Vaping as a FAD

Many individuals have switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes but a lot of the individuals that vape are also completely new to smoking. The whole experience has become quite a trend as more and more vape shops and cafes are opened up around the globe. The shops and cafe allow vapers to come sit and try different flavors while chatting with friends, making it a complete experience. Since it is less hazardous to health than a cigarette, people find it to be something they can easily use without the same risks.

Buy vapors online

When was the last time you bought cigarettes online? Can’t remember because not many people buy cigarettes online. Vapors however have a pretty strong online market. You can find numerous different vapor shops locally in the US or Canada that provide delivery services. They have a wide selection of flavors and e-cigarette kits which you have delivered to your door step. This has made it quite accessible to anyone that enjoys vaping.

Vapors ends up saving you money

Cigarettes are not cheap. Initially you will invest a little more on an e-cigarette kit but the cost goes down drastically as after that you will just have to buy the e-liquid in whichever flavor you want. Those are quite reasonably priced, depending on the brand you get. So if you vape on a regular basis the cost comes to about 200-300$ per month. While if you smoke cigarettes on a regular basis the cost would be a lot more than that.

Vaping has made quite a huge impact on the smoking industry. It has taken a huge chunk of smokers away from cigarette and introduced them to another experience and avenue to get pretty much the same satisfaction without the same amount of risk. This is a reason why big tobacco companies feel threatened by it and support all measures FDA and other governing bodies are taking against manufacturers of vapors. However, with so much support from the public for vaping it is something that is here to stay for the long run and an industry that will only grow. If you are thinking of getting yourself started then you can visit this site for all your vaping needs.


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