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Project management changes

BusinessProject management changes

Top Ways Project Management is Changing

Businesses are constantly having to adapt to the world around them, changing not only their projects as a whole, but how they manage them to fit technology, new business models and more. Whether you’re looking into expert lean six sigma courses, or simply want a few tips on improving your project management skills, we’ve looked deeper into the top ways that project management is changing and how it can affect your business.

Better Technology

With technology in business growing with every passing day, Project Portfolio Management software is a must for all businesses. With millennials reaching the age of managing projects, it’s important to remember that this generation had grown up around technology and know better than any other how important and useful technology can be. Project Portfolio Management software allows for a focus on ‘lean PPM,’ in which the superfluous components of project management are stripped away, leaving only four main areas: Strategize, Collect, Decide and Execute. This allows for a greater level of consistency, transparency, and a higher efficiency as a whole.


Broader diversity when it comes to projects is changing the face of project management as a whole. Millennials in particular are focusing on a broader range of both projects and tools they use to complete these projects and this willingness to adapt to the ever changing markets opens businesses up to more experimentation and access to even more of the markets than they might’ve otherwise reached. Not only this, but experimentation can also lead to project management that is faster, and more efficient and effective.

Agile Project Management

Agile project management is something that is becoming more and more common in a range of different businesses all across different markets. APM focuses on team input, continuous improvement, scope flexibility and ensuring the delivery of essential and quality products. With the use of extreme programming for building in quality upfront, and the use of lean thinking and project management to remove any waste – whether it’s in time or resources – agile project management can help businesses and its employees focus on the ’12 Agile Principles’ which focus on people, communications, flexibility and the product as a whole.

Emotional Intelligence

According to Psychology Today, Emotional Intelligence includes three skills – Emotional awareness, the ability to harness emotions and apply them, and the ability to manage emotions, whether they’re your own or that of another person. Emotional intelligence is becoming more and more important in businesses, and especially as a trait in project managers. Leaders who can use their emotional resources to engage with their team members, and with the public they are aiming for, are more likely to have a high level of performance and can deliver significant bottom-line results. With a higher percentage of likelihood for customer loyalty and above-average productivity, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is becoming a popular and far more common necessity in the workplace, and particularly in project management, where such intelligence could be used to increase efficiency and relevance for not only the team members, but the target audience too.



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