Some Top Tips to Making Your Start-Up Business Premises Pest-Free

We’ve all been there – dealing with cockroaches, mice, rats, ants, and other bugs is no easy matter; and it certainly isn’t enjoyable. That’s why they call them pests, after all. Nobody wants them, but we all have to deal with them sooner or later. Luckily, there are many experts in the field out there who are willing to give you some advice based on sound knowledge, common sense, and lots of experience.

Vance hardinger, owner of Pest Control Las Vegas, says “Prevention is much better than the cure, of course. However, how do you accomplish that? And if you do indeed notice the problem of a possible infestation, how do you deal with it? Here are some top tips to making your start-up establishment – especially if you have a restaurant or food service business – pest-free”.

Clean your kitchen

There are only three good reasons why pests would visit your premises. There’s water, shelter, and food – and the latter one is often found in the kitchen, which is why you should keep this area especially clean and neat. Seal off all food in tightly-closed containers, and make sure to wipe all surfaces when you are done with cooking or preparing a meal.

Seal entry points

Pests often enter buildings through small cracks at windows, through narrow slits in wooden planks or in walls, and other narrow areas which we don’t normally pay attention to. Be on the lookout for them and seal them with silicone or other materials to cut off any entrance or exit points the pests might be able to use.


You’ll never be able to seal off every entrance or exit, so make sure floors and carpets are hoovered regularly; not only will you be able to vacuum away any small bug that you might see, you might also erase traces of them and keep your premises clean.

The door sweep

A door sweep is excellent for keeping bugs away – and it gives an extra advantage: it’s an energy saving device during winter, when you want to keep the heat on.

Fix your taps

Check for any standing water, for any leak in the pipes, and if your taps show signs of dripping, fix it. Bugs and vermin are attracted to it.

One more important issue to remember: clear up the clutter. Often bugs and rodents are able to proliferate and reproduce because there is so much stuff around that you don’t notice that they are around, as confirmed by professional pest control Bournemouth companies. The clutter is often easily resolved, however: clear out those week-old newspapers, those old boxes, and avoid dark places and shadows in your premises. You won’t need a professional to clear the pests out if you do it right; just be smart and go through the process regularly, and a lot of hassle can be avoided.


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