Tips to Create a Compelling Assortment Planning for Retailers

In order to avail maximum profit out of your inventory, it is important that you are able to understand sales ratio and customer needs. Most of the small retailers have a huge number of items left to be sold which not only makes their business slow, but they also fail to introduce latest products with time. In order to refrain from such problems, retail assortment planning software has been introduced at which can be implemented to avail long term benefit. So, if you are excited to boost up the sales and revenue factors of your business, this article will surely unveil best tips to create a compelling assortment planning system.

There are several aspects which need to be focused when creating an assortment planning system. For the support of our customers, we have to offer most effective and beneficial modules in our software which will let you manage your inventory and retail store efficiently. As most of the retail assortment planning systems are designed to provide accurate customer buying trends and market situation, there are several other important aspects to be focused. We hope the tips explained below will prove to be of best support by which you can efficiently create a retail assortment planning system.

Determine the scope

Your assortment planning system could only be successful if it can enable retailers to increase profit ratio of their business. Retailers wish to enhance customer loyalty and meet financial stability goals in order to make their sales profitable. Make sure the assortment system you are planning is capable of bringing a higher sell through ratio along with reduced mark downs. Most importantly, a running inventory and satisfied customers are the basic factors which can greatly flourish your retail business.

Setup appealing dashboards and visuals

Merchandizing planning and retail assortment systems are designed to boost up sales ratio and customer attraction towards the business. Users must be able to differentiate between each item, create receipt flow strategies and manage inventory stocks by just a click of a button. Moreover, assortment planning dashboards are implemented in order to review merchandising strategies and product attributes. Make sure the system is user friendly and configurable by an employee of a retail store.

Necessary features and modules

The main objectives such as financial management, inventory control and rationalization of assortments across clusters must be implemented in the system. Your software must be able to predict market trends, determine optimal number of assortment options, utilize available space efficiently and target potential customers automatically.

Make some early negotiations with vendors

In order to make your hard work profitable and acceptable by business owners, creating an open to buy system can prove to be of long term benefit. When you are having knowledge about the industry trends and market, building a best-selling assortment planning system for retailers will be easier. Furthermore, we also recommend you to use sourcing services as it empowers potential retailers to purchase your software over the internet. Manage product promotional activities and advertise retailers about the benefits your system will be providing to your business.


A compelling assortment planning system for retailers is designed to provide increased sales ratio, better profit level and convenient inventory management. As the software is supposed to provide better financial stability, steady work procedures and efficient customer demand analysis, you can now make your business stronger than ever. Furthermore, the tips explained in this article to create an assortment planning system can make it convenient for developers to make a successful software. So, if you are working hard to launch a reliable yet productive assortment planning system, we hope our methods will provide unmatchable results.


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