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Are you looking for restaurant furniture? Here’s how to select the best

Opening a new restaurant is a lot harder than you may initially expect – even professionals don’t always get it right. The old adages of location, location, location and value for money will always ring true, and the management of the kitchen and attracting customers are also more complex than they may seem. Then there’s the decoration and design to think about, of course.

Even selecting the right furniture is a challenge in its own right. You can’t just go out and purchase restaurant furniture today – there are a lot of factors to consider, after all. It’s about comfort, but it’s about much more than that. Are you looking for restaurant furniture? Here’s how to select the best.

The floor plan

The size of your restaurant and the number of customers you can serve at any given time will set limits on the size of your furniture. Your clientele and customers need to be able to move around comfortably, without bumping into each other or having to fight for elbow room. Start with the floor plan.

Pair it with the menu

When you open a restaurant to the public, you’re trying to tell a story and trying to give your customers a unique experience. Pair your furniture with the menu. If your menu is hearty, robust, or casual, ensure your tables and chairs reflect that; if you serve high-end cuisine, you’ll need tables and chairs that instill a feeling of comfort and propriety. Promote your theme.

Customer comfort

To maximize customer comfort, pay attention to the height of the tables, the height of the chairs, the surfaces, and especially the backs of the chairs; your customers may be sitting down for an hour or more, so they should feel comfortable the entire time.

Easy maintenance

Your chairs and tables should be very easy to clean (expect spills now and again), and they should be easy to move around, to clean under the tables and the floor area nearby. This is especially important to keep in mind if you choose chairs with upholstery. The lighter the tables and chairs are, the more convenient it will be for your staff; though you should ensure sturdiness above all.

Make it durable

Think long term – your furniture will take more abuse than in a residential setting, so go for durability. While you can conveniently buy restaurant furniture from various sources, it takes a bit of patience to choose furniture that’s just right.

When selecting furniture, don’t just think about the general look and feel or the overall aesthetics or the maintenance factors. Think about little details as well. For example, attaching pads to the bottom of the chair legs will avoid scratching the floors, friction when moving the furniture, and any annoying noise when chairs are moved. Like every other aspect of the restaurant, the furniture is part of what creates customer satisfaction. Choose it well.

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