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Top 3 mistakes to avoid when beginning your digital music career

BusinessTop 3 mistakes to avoid when beginning your digital music career

If you have a passion and/or a talent for creating digital music and you would like to turn that passion into a chance to make some extra income (or perhaps even to make a full-time living), then you need to realize that you will in effect become more than just a musician or music artist: you will also become a businessperson.

Up until now, your music career may have consisted of you at home spending countless hours creating digital music and listening to presets from Cymatics.

But now the time has come to take the extra step and tackle the business aspect of digital music, and this is going to require you to be aware of critical mistakes that newbies make so you can avoid them and get off to a stronger start.

Here are the top three mistakes you must avoid when beginning your digital music career:

Mistake #1: You Don’t Realize You Are A Salesperson

Are you looking to make money from your digital music? If so, then you are by default a salesperson. The only way that you will convince people to buy your music is if you can sell yourself and your content. This will require you to become an active salesperson, and you must commit time each day to marketing yourself and networking online and in-person. Speaking of networking…

Mistake #2: You Don’t Network In-Person

Much of networking these days is done online or through the phone, and thus it’s also where much of your time will be spent networking. That’s great, but nonetheless, networking and marketing in general is always far more effective when done in person.

By networking in person and visiting actual people in the industry, you will make a far bigger and more effective impression. Remember to dress, act, and speak professionally. Becoming a good conversationalist and possessing strong speaking skills is also an asset (in fact, communication is arguably the most critically important lifeskill to have).

If you feel that your communication and public speaking skills could be improved in any major way, consider signing up for public speaking classes (such as Toastmasters) where you can get lots of first-hand experience and grow your confidence.

Mistake #3: You Don’t Continue Working On Improving Your Craft

Last but not least, the old saying does that it’s not about what you know but who you know. That’s only true to an extent, because no matter how good of a marketer or networker you are, if you create subpar music then you’re not going to get very far in your career.

This is why you must dedicate time each day to perfecting your craft. At minimum, you must spend at least one to two hours a day working on creating new music or modifying existing music that you’ve already created.

Beginning Your Digital Music Career

All in all, your independent digital music career will have much higher odds of success if you can avoid each of the mistakes that we’ve just covered.


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