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Mitigate the complexity of cross border transactions

BusinessMitigate the complexity of cross border transactions

Importing goods to other countries is in and of itself an involved process, but this becomes compounded when the materials being shipped fall into sensitive categories such as dual-use and controlled use. These shipments are often treated with great scrutiny at the border seeing as they can be co-opted and used for malicious activities, posing a threat to the general the population of a nation. The personnel at customs are instructed to treat these packages with great caution. Computer hardware and IT equipment fall into these categories.

Because technologies can be used for both civilian and military purposes, they’re shipped to special data centres around the world to be checked before they’re awarded the clearance to go to their final destinations. Typically, authorities require these shipments to be accompanied by a great deal of paperwork, and if the documents accompanying the goods are not sufficiently filled out, costly delays can occur. This makes it challenging for well-meaning exporters to do business internationally. Thankfully, there is a global distributions partner who can help.

TecEx is an importer of record with a point of presence in over 120 countries and concentrates on helping technology and value-added resellers obtain clearance at customs. Their highly specialized knowledge allows them to secure this clearance in under 10 days of approving their client’s quote, and they can get you a VAT refund in the quickest possible turnaround (in countries where such refunds are permitted). They also take charge of the pre-approval process, gathering all the permits and licences required by the receiving country, as well as the commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill. Finally, they ensure all documentation is correct before shipping, taking this burden off their clients. If you’d like to learn more about how to get a VAT refund check out their comprehensive site — it includes information on countries where VAT refunds are allowed, and how the right documentation can speed up the process.

They also have the ability to retrieve import taxes within 6 months of clearance (namely value-added tax), from 40 of the above countries that make this type of refund available. Choosing their services then saves resellers money as no longer must these costs be a price for doing business. Furthermore, they have a transparent policy, only charging their clients the landed-cost quote irrespective of any changes made to the receiving country’s laws once the distribution process begins.

Once clearance is granted, clients can depend on the company’s hands-on service to ensure shipments arrive where they’re supposed to by liaising with the chosen forwarder or freight service, and even offering their own couriers should clients like. Clients may also track their shipment in real time using the company’s convenient online portal. Using the system, they may further liaise with their client services executive to relay any special requests.

Cross-border transactions, particularly where computer and IT equipment is concerned, can become very complex processes depending on the country a company is shipping to. They can even be enough to deter a reseller or exporter from doing business in these places altogether, but this would be detrimental to the growth of their enterprise. Resellers should be free to take advantage of international opportunities rather than remain in oversaturated local markets, therefore they should partner with a trusted global importer of record when exporting their assets, assuring them prompt and reliable clearance 100% of the time.

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