You’ve decided that hosting some type of team building event will do a lot for your employees and the company. Now the focus is on planning an event that produces the benefit you have in mind. Include these four elements in the planning and everything will begin to fall into place a lot sooner than you expected.

Selecting a Time

Events of this type cannot be put together overnight. There are plenty of details to settle and decisions should not be made in haste. Allow yourself at least six months to plan the activities. Along with making the planning less frenetic, setting a date that is several months away provides your employees a chance to arrange their personal schedules so nothing conflicts with the weekend or several days the event will take.

Choosing a Location

Location is important to the event planning. You need a venue that is large enough for the number of employees who will be in attendance. There is also the need to think about the features and amenities offered at the ideal location. For example, do you need to pay close attention to proximity to public transport? Perhaps the location should come with ample parking. Maybe there are special needs to take into consideration, such as entrances and exits that are large enough to accommodate wheel chairs. Choose the right type of location for your weekend of team building Toronto and the setting will be a plus instead of a liability for the employees.

Providing Accommodations

Along with the right venue for the classes, break-out sessions, and other elements you will include in the retreat or seminar, think about where your employees will sleep at night. You may find that using conference room spaces in a hotel is best. Reserve rooms in the same facility for your employees. That means they have more time to get up, enjoy breakfast, and arrive on time for the day’s activities without having to leave the building.

Settling on the Roster of Activities

Scheduling activities during the event means coming up with ideas designed to help you achieve the stated goals for the time together. Some of those activities include time in classrooms, but remember event fun activities can be learning experiences. Structure the days so there’s time to participate in discussions, hear lectures, and have some fun. Remember that periods of time that employees can use any way they like should also be part of the schedule. Doing so allows them to think over what they’ve learned that day and provides a chance to recharge before moving on to the next planned activity.

Remember that you don’t have to manage all the planning alone. A professional service like can aid in working out all the details. When it’s all said and done, you can rest assured that everyone who attends the event will gain something they can bring back into the workplace.


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