If you run a small retail business, you need to be thinking about the planet. The retail sector is one of the largest producers of commercial waste. There’s lots you can do to green-up your business. Not only will you be helping the environment, it will also help you to reduce clutter and could save you some money too! Here’s some green food for thought.

What can my business recycle?

The recycling business is a well-developed one, offering your retail company the chance to dispose of all sorts of waste in an environmentally-friendly way. All kinds of paper can be recycled, including newspapers, magazines, brochures and leaflets.

As a retail company, you probably also have lots of cardboard boxes, these can be recycled too. Get yourself some baler wire from suppliers such as balingwiredirect.com to get it all tied up and ready for collection.

Like at home, you can also recycle any plastic wrappings, bottles and drinks cans. If you have any old shop furniture or electronic equipment, these can be disposed of in a green way as well.

Managing your recycling

Once you’ve come up with a plan for your recycling, you need to find a suitable recycling waste contractor to collect all your company’s different types of waste.

When you have that in place, think about how you’re actually going to manage the recycling processes within your retail company.

You need to consider how often you will require your recycling materials to be collected. Talk to your contractor and read the small print about what they can provide and what kind of contract you need to agree.

Then you need to plan how the waste for recycling will be collated within your company. You need to source different types of containers and to decide where to place them both inside your offices and in external areas. They all need to be clearly labelled and comply with relevant health and safety regulations.

Getting your staff onboard

Successful recycling in your business comes down to support and motivation in your workforce. You need to make sure the scheme you’re introducing in your retail business is straightforward, easy to use – and well sign-posted.

You’ll need to think about giving your staff some training, informing them about the company’s green policy, what materials can be recycled, where they need to be placed – and how the efforts will benefit the business and the environment as a whole. This is particularly important for any new employees, it should form part of their induction.

Promote it

When you’re launching a recycling scheme, sing from the rooftops. Make sure all staff are onboard with it and think about having some sort of launch.

Using internal communication channels, promote the aspects of your company’s particular scheme and the benefits for all. Consider having some posters or electronic promotional materials prepared to help drive home the green message amongst your workforce. You’ll then be well on your way to turning your retail business greener.


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