Starting a digital subscription service seems like a simple business model, but many businesses fail at it. For the service to work and bring in the expected results, you need to add new customers every month. Your marketing strategy must include acquiring new customers and keeping customers on your subscription list. The reality is that many customers are excited to join a new digital service, but fail to renew their subscription. You must give your customers enough reasons to stay subscribed to your service. The price is an important factor to consider but customers unsubscribe from free services as well. Consider the following tips when setting up and promoting your online subscription service.

Provide an exceptional user experience
Focus on giving an outstanding user experience right from the moment a customer subscribes to your service. Remember that your target users have multiple options offering similar services online. Test your services on different platforms especially the mobile platform. Most of your customers are likely to access your service on their smartphones. Test the experience on different browsers as well. If you have already rolled out the service, ask your current customers for feedback on their experience. Ensure that all pages are responsive and easy to read on different devices.

Cold leads
Similar to other products and services, you need to define your target audience when developing your promotion strategy. Define the category of internet users that are likely to be interested in your service. Your target market should include people who are trying to find digital magazines in your field.

Once you define your target audience, serve them with media that describes the value of your service. For instance, you can create videos about your business and promote it to your target audience. Social media platforms like Facebook enable users to promote their content to a specific audience. Use your website and blogs to promote your brand as well.

Do not ignore lost customers
Quality content and an exceptional experience will keep your customers subscribed to your service and encourage them to take out new subscriptions as well. However, you will still lose some subscribers despite your efforts to keep them engaged. Most businesses forget about lost customers and keep their focus on acquiring new customers. New subscribers are important but lost customers are equally important. Your objective with lost customers is to win them back. Find out why they unsubscribed from your service. For instance, they may have signed up for a service that was too expensive for them. Help them downgrade to a service that they can afford. Another way is to promote the benefits of subscribing to different packages specifically to lost customers.

Setting up a digital subscription service may be the easiest thing you will ever do for your business. Value every connection including your lost subscribers. Focus on meeting different needs by offering different packages for your target customers. Define your target audience and develop marketing strategies that suit that audience. A great user experience is likely to keep your customers subscribed to your service. Keep improving your service and adding value to your subscribers. Your objective when promoting the service should be giving your customers the best experience while winning new customers every month.


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