Most people agree that social media marketing is a good idea, and that it has enormous potential. After all, there are plenty of examples that show that one simple message can spread like wildfire and reach millions of people in a very short period of time. However, when those same people are questioned about which tactics to use and how to make a successful marketing campaign via social media, most are still in the dark and admit plenty of doubt.

It’s understandable – it is, after all, a relatively new medium, one that really got going only a decade ago, and one that often seems to have a steep learning curve. Before businesses were starting to social media marketing seriously, and long before there were apps, scripts, and plugins available to automate the posting process, social media was nothing more than an idle way to pass the time.Are you wondering how you can use this vehicle for your brand and company recognition, and perhaps boost sales? Here are the true advantages of marketing your business on social media.

Brand awareness

The funny thing about social media is that your posts and messages can be seen by people you have never even considered; a good story or a great joke goes far beyond the intended target group. It’s an excellent way to create brand awareness and to get people talking about you and your brand.

Directing traffic

Links on social media can direct them to your website. Adding new search engine words to your posts can encourage your target group to enter them and find your site. There’s a great opportunity for you to direct traffic to your website or other links that eventually lead to higher sales.

Search engine ranking

Using social media won’t directly influence your ranking when it comes to search engines, but by creating high quality content, chances are one of your posts will appear – depending on how you can optimise search engine keywords. It’s just one of those ways in which your customer’s searches will more likely end up as potential sales for you, as a social media expert from Blind Pig Media will attest.

Conversion rates

Conversion rates are usually calculated in percentages (based on the number of visitors), so it follows logically that the more exposure you get, the higher the number of people you end up converting. It’s simple, really.

Cost effectiveness

Yes, posting is free. And if you want to place an add, it’s quite cost-effective too, although in this case you will have to tune up a bit more to get good results without spending too much as today the competition between advertisers in social networks has increased and the audience is increasingly saturated by advertising.
It is therefore necessary that you do some research before starting to spend money and evaluate how much you are going to spend, on what and how much you plan to get and, most importantly, how you are going to measure the profitability of what you spend, that is, how you are going to be able to know how much you earn for every dollar you invest in advertising on social networks.
For example, you can have your ads designed by a studio that specializes in social network advertising or you can buy yourself (for much less money) social media templates and customize them to your liking.

One other important way in which social media can help your business succeed is often overlooked: research. Once you have created a customer base (no matter how small it may be, as long as it’s a strong one), you can use it to gather data and study your target demographic. Social media is full of information about people and other businesses (including your competitors), and analysing the available data can truly give you a strong advantage. Social media is really useful if you understand how to take advantage of it.


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