The busy executive today barely has time to eat a healthy meal let alone take time to reduce their stress. While eating healthy and getting plenty of rest are well known keys to reducing your stress level. There are three more easy to add into your schedule ideas that will reduce your stress without making you have to change your routine very much.

Change That Latte for Green Tea

Instead of grabbing that high caffeine beverage when you take a five-minute break, go for a beverage that contains green tea. While a lot of the benefits of green tea have not been vigorously or scientifically tested, green tea has been used in eastern and middle eastern medicine for thousands of years. Green tea contains Theanine, which is an amino acid that is thought to help with relaxation and has a mild tranquilizing effect.

It also contains antioxidants, has anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents. Which can help reduce the paunch effect that some executives suffer.

Using just five minutes to make a green tea run instead of a coffee run every day can greatly reduce your stress.

Get Some Sun

Sunshine causes our bodies to create Vitamin D. Vitamin D is scientifically proven to aid in reducing stress and depression significantly. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that German Soldiers in WWII figured out that sunlight can help disinfect and heal wounds.

Niels Finsen won a Nobel Prize for his discoveries in this area. What does that mean to executives? If you can get at least five minutes of direct sunlight per day, you may find your mood raise and your stress level drop.

Getting five minutes of sun a few times during your day has the same benefit as taking a half hour all at once. Most executives can put that type of stress management into their current routine without too much trouble.


Exercise for busy executives is sometimes almost impossible. Especially in the high demand world we work in today. But taking five minutes to do some simple stretches at your desk can help you get the blood flowing to you’re the rest of your body, including your brain.

Your thoughts and feelings are where stress originates, so if you increase the blood flow to your brain, it received more nutrition and is able to remove the toxins that build up and cause us to feel fuzzy and tired.

The benefits of exercise not only help you gain muscle, but it keeps your body flexible and your brain sharp to make crucial business decisions. Stretching is a great replacement for those times when you’re unable to get to the gym and if you stretch three or four times during your day, you’ve just put in fifteen to twenty minutes of movement into your day spread out over time. This makes it less invasive and easy to put into your day.

Discard Your Clutter

This may seem counterintuitive but studies have shown that if you can de-clutter your environment, it helps you declutter your mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a spotless workspace, but if you can get rid of things that don’t need to be there, it gives you a sense of control and that automatically reduces your stress.

So, here’s how you include this in your day. First, put your trash can in an easily seen place. Instead of just inside the area under your desk hidden, try moving it to the back side of your desk. Put it in a place that you will see it constantly.

Then, throughout the day, take one piece from your desk that doesn’t need to be kept, and throw it in that trash. There is something completely satisfying about the act of throwing trash away. It gives us a sense of control and freedom of letting go of clutter. This translates directly to your mind and you feel that freedom and control.

This helps reduce your stress without crimping your style. An added bonus is that you look pretty cool tossing a wadded piece of paper away.

Totally eliminating stress from a busy executive’s life is impossible and some stress is good to keep that competitive edge keen and sharp. But too much stress can cause your body to break down and your productivity to hit the skids. These ideas will help reduce your stress and gain more control of your external environment which helps you control your internal environment.


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