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The various careers available in civil engineering


Reddy Kancharla is one of the leading civil engineers in the world. He wants to raise the profile of the profession, encouraging those who have a natural curiosity and a drive towards innovation to put these things into action. Civil engineers are those who see how existing structures can be improved, and how natural environments can be adapted for human use. Once upon a time, it was a field dominated mainly by men, but as more women have become openly interested in the STEM (Science, Technology, Math, Engineering) fields, it is becoming a far more diverse profession. Additionally, as there is a greater drive towards greener, cleaner technologies, the scope of the profession has changed significantly as well.

Understanding the Role of the Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is a field that carries many different responsibilities. This includes keeping the general public safe and construction fit for purpose infrastructure, to name but a few. Because of this wide range of needs for these experts, there are also thousands of different career opportunities available. They span from the military to private consultants and from the government to construction firms. You could help construct new buildings, upgrade existing ones, build military bases, rebuild war torn areas, and construct dams or earthquake proof ancient structures. The list is endless. And, because there is such a wide demand for civil engineers, compensation is significant as well.

Finding Work as a Civil Engineer

Despite the high demand for these professionals, the field is also highly competitive. This is mainly due to the high level of responsibility that civil engineers carry, which means the job is not made available to everybody. While it is possible to study civil engineering at bachelor’s degree level, the best opportunities exist for those who have completed a master’s degree. This is also due to the fact that, at master’s degree, people often specialize in a specific area of engineering. Furthermore, these professionals must be committed to continuous education, keeping their knowledge up to date with new developments.

Another factor that will influence how easy it is to find work as a civil engineer, is the demand for construction. Because of population growth and the fact that existing structures are starting to get dated, demand is always there to a degree. However, when there is a true surge in construction jobs, this also translates in more job openings for engineers. With the new Trump Administration having made a public commitment to increasing and improving infrastructure across the United States, the times look good for those wanting to work in this field. Furthermore, engineers can get to work anywhere in the world. Dubai, for example, is a popular destination for those with the right skills, so if you are someone who would like to see the world, that opportunity also exists.

According to Reddy Kancharla, the field of civil engineering is hugely exciting. Those who have the right drive and determination – and the right education – are guaranteed to build a fantastic career for themselves.


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