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4 impactful tips on how to make your event successful


It is not easy to pull off a successful event. Most attendees have been to events before and are not easily impressed. When putting on your own event, you need to create something that will impress even the most jaded who agreed to attend out of personal interest, business necessity, or both.

Here are four tips to help make your next event more successful than your last.

Get the Basics Right
What are the feelings that you wish to evoke in attendees at your next event? Do you want them to be dazzled, impressed at the level of organization or to remember the organizer’s brand? These are all worthy goals, but only when you’re clear about what the goals are for the event will you know if it’s been successful or not. You can judge the success of the event by walking the halls and gauging the reaction from attendees just as efficiently as more formal methods like exit surveys.

Pre-Launch to Create Buzz
Events marketing is a niche unto itself. People don’t go to events that they don’t know about. Therefore, the marketing should begin months before the chosen date to let people know, set the mood and create a sense of anticipation.

Consider putting together a marketing pack or a free course to promote the event, the presenters and companies that will be represented. Whatever is the most appropriate thing in your industry that will get their attention is what you need to arrange. Offer an ‘Early Bird discount’ to get some tickets sold early on which also helps predict how many people will be in attendance on each day.

Be Personable & Friendly
The best event organizer is outgoing, friendly yet highly organized. You need to be open and approachable because you’ll be liaising with the venue’s people, key vendors and big brands, gathering up event staff and working the phones. Time will be spent with contacts in person, talking on the phone, and researching facilities, caterers, and other suppliers. You must be highly efficient with your time because you’ll be juggling many balls in the air, dealing with a lot of unknowns at the beginning and having to make a plan and push it forward to completion regardless.

Using an AV Specialist with Event Experience
There are event organizers and then there are event experts. With an AV specialist, you are getting a team that can produce scenic background designs and deliver lighting arrangements that set the right mood. Video projection techniques help transport attendees with digital imagery that brings the foreground and background simultaneously to life.

When 3D motion is required to add some pep to presentations, then Memphis AV Production – Audio Video Production Services is a good option. Setting up speaking halls with top-of-the-line speaker equipment to reach the whole audience along with visual projection used to show video clips, slideshows and other presentational tools creates an immersive experience. This is ideal for people who find visuals easier to remember than words, so combining the two into a complete package is best.

A successful event takes months in the planning and relies on making use of key organizational and interpersonal skills to win. To make the biggest impact, you’ll probably need a specialist in each area to get the most bang for the buck.


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