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Would a live-in carer job suit me? Five key questions to ask yourself

BusinessWould a live-in carer job suit me? Five key questions to ask yourself

Live-in caring is a rewarding job but it isn’t right for everyone. Here we look at 5 questions to ask yourself when considering this profession.

In the UK we have an ageing population and it is estimated that by the end of 2045 a quarter of the population will be aged 65 or older. As a consequence of this, there are more and more people in need of care, which means there is growing room for employment within the care industry with positions like live-in care jobs. If you know you are interested in care, there are many different job types to choose from, but the first thing you need to know fully is that care is definitely the career for you. It takes someone special to provide care to others, and live-in care demands certain qualities that are rare.

If you think live-in care might be the best carer job for you, ask yourself these five key questions:

Are You Comfortable Providing 1-to-1 Care?
For some people, focusing care on just one person would be a dream come true. For others however, the variety of caring for lots of different people is what they enjoy the most. In a live-in care situation you have the rewarding opportunity to care for one person 24/7 for an extended period of time. However, if you prefer the social aspect of a nursing home and like providing care for lots of different people day to day, then live-in care may not be the job for you.

Are You Happy Providing Various Services?
UK live-in care jobs take a lot more than simply helping a person with tasks. Lots of carers will be required to help their client maintain independence which means potentially helping them with hobbies, meetups with friends and even weekends away or holidays. On a day to day basis you may also be cooking and cleaning, shopping and driving, as well as helping your client get to appointments. If you want a job where you’re required to provide less varied services, then live-in care might not be the right choice for you.

Are You Happy Providing 24/7 Services In Exchange For Great Pay?
You do get great pay with live-in care. It is usually one of the highest paid roles within the care sector and because you spend a lot of your time at work, and will likely have meals and other certain day to day expenses covered, you’ll have saved money every month as well. However, this high rate of pay is well deserved because the job takes a lot of energy and dedication. Although the pay in this type of care is wonderful, you cannot do the job without really wanting to do a good job because it can be very hard.

Are You Physically Fit?
In most live-in care jobs in the UK you have to have a certain level of physical fitness and with live-in care it is no different. In fact, you’re working round the clock so you have to also have the stamina and ‘get and go’ to keep going. In some cases you may be your client’s ‘legs’ or ‘arms’, you’re there to do everything they need to do whilst also getting them around and helping them with personal tasks like cleaning, which can be labour intensive.

Do You Really Care?
The caring profession required a person is naturally caring, but live-in care requires that extra something special. When you live with a person you will be bonding with them and forming a special client to carer relationship. You’ll need to work professionally in an extremely personal setting, and with near constant physical and emotional demands. You simply cannot ‘fake’ caring in this job, you have to genuinely care about your client and helping them have the best possible quality of life.

If you are interested in a live-in care job in the UK and you answered yes to these five questions, you have an extremely rewarding career ahead of you. Live-in care is an incredible profession and if you have the special something it takes to be a great live-in carer, you’ll enjoy many different rewards including great pay, the ability to provide extensive care, the ability to develop a special client to carer relationship and of course the enjoyable day to day variety of activities and tasks that come with the job.


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