Popular personalities and companies alike should familiarize themselves with the benefits of online reputation monitoring and management. If your reputation or that of your business is important to you, avoid a disaster that you can’t rebound from by learning how to take action with reputation management.

Confront Criticism

In this modern digital age, your online and offline reputation are one in the same – simply your current status. Criticism can come unexpectedly and unfairly, effecting public perception, and could even bring forth an end result of your brand getting tarnished.

Address controversy with a genuine statement and invite feedback on the issue instead of getting defensive. If you ignore the “elephant in the room,” you might get trampled.

React Constructively

When problems arise, and no one is immune to unexpected issues, put your customer service cap on and respond to the inconveniences clients may be experiencing. This isn’t a time to play the blame game and make excuses.

Customers feel a lot more at ease when their concerns are quickly acknowledged and not ignored. Sometimes a simple “We are aware of the problem, and are working to fix it as soon as possible” social media alert can go a long way.

Trust and Transparency

To revitalize your online reputation, it is not just about eliminating negative commentary about your brand – it requires rebuilding trust. Look at your relationship with your clients and supporters like a marriage. If these significant others feel like you are cheating on them and can’t be trusted – a separation is on its way.

Nobody can respect someone who appears to be full of deceptive secrets. Earn your respect by admitting when you are wrong, defending your position when you are right, clinging to your ethics, and remaining transparent.

Seek Assistance

Not every solution emerges internally. Knowing when you need to seek assistance from reputation management specialists like Russells can revive your reputation. Seek assistance that fits your unique situation in the form of: obtaining injunctions and apologies, preventing publication of sensitive information, and even day to day media management. Focus on the skillset that has earned you your reputation in the first place, and let the experts manage your online reputation on your behalf.

Monitor What People are Saying About You

Have you ever researched a new business or self-proclaimed guru by going to Google and typing in their name followed by “scam” or “rip off?” Your current and future supporters are doing the exact same thing.

Keep the search engine first impression associated with your brand squeaky clean – especially the first page of Google searches populated from your name. If you are finding false information, fraudulent claims, or stolen content on social media – address it immediately.

Learn from Your Disparagers

Constructive criticism and destructive criticism are both opportunities to understand your audience. Not every irritating critique is coming from a grumpy troll with nothing better to do than get under your skin. Get your online reputation back on track by remaining open-minded.

Own up to any truth you find, even if it is hard to swallow. Identify your flaws and find appropriate methods of mending your mistakes. Are there any common threads that repeatedly tie these negative remarks together? You may be able to improve your products and services, create a more successful marketing campaign, or gain increased credibility.


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