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Plating and coating solutions in the metal blacking industry

BusinessPlating and coating solutions in the metal blacking industry

Metal blacking has been around for many years, and was, in fact, used for weapons in the late 19th century to prevent surface corrosion. The process was complicated to put it mildly, with high temperature environments and expensive equipment, and this resulted in considerable expense, which, in turn, led to the development of solutions that come in kit form, and with online suppliers, anyone can enjoy the benefits of metal blacking.

Lacquer Colouring

Often, when something is designed and finished, the colour of the metal surfaces can vary, and with lacquer colouring specialists, they will quickly recommend the best solution, and with kit packages and easy to follow instructions, you can soon experience what metal blacking can do for your project. If, for example, precision engineered components need to be coated, plating is not suitable, as it increases the dimensions of the component, whereas lacquer coating adds no more than a single micron or two, which is completely acceptable.

Overall Protection

All metal surfaces are susceptible to oxidisation and hydrogen embrittlement is always a risk, and with lacquer colouring, you achieve an aesthetic goal, while also protecting the entire surface of the component. Moisture will not permeate metal blacking, and with corrosion free properties, the component will have durability, and hydrogen embrittlement is less likely to occur.

Cost of Plating

Perhaps the most important factor that led to the development of room temperature metal blacking, was the excessive cost of electro-plating, which, when compared to the kit forms of today, a unit cost would be 3 or 4 times less with lacquer colouring.

Engineering Solutions

Almost everything we use has been treated in some way to protect the surface, and the need to stop oxidisation has led to the current situation where it is possible for a typical homeowner to order metal blacking kits online, and with easy to follow instructions, could treat all his antiques in the garage. Entrepreneur antique dealers would probably have a metal blacking room, which doesn’t have to be large, and the immersion baths and solutions is all the space you would need, and by clever treatment on selected pieces, the blacking process would be a sound investment, as top prices can be fetched.

Kit Forms

Room temperature metal blacking changed the industry overnight, and you no longer need to take your components to a factory, as all you need can be ordered online in kit form. Easy to follow instructions that include precise immersion times and temperature readings, make the blacking process simple and safe. Many homeowners who are into DIY have discovered what kit form metal blacking can do for them, and for what it costs, you can protect many items, from antiques to office furniture.

Many small engineering workshops no longer have the large expense of electroplating, and by allocating a small corner of the shop floor to the immersion tanks, you are good to go. Whatever your interests, metal blacking is now available in kit form, and with affordable packages, you can protect those valuable items against corrosion.


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