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The top factors to consider when choosing a new dental and orthodontic facility


When it comes to your dental and orthodontic practice, your office – your overall workspace – plays a vital role. It is, after all, where you perform all your necessary tasks and activities, but it’s also more than this: it’s the place which your clients will see and spend time in, and it has to be geared towards the proper impression as well. You’d want an office and facility that’s equipped with everything you may need for your practice, but at the same time, it has to be set up right in order to give your clients and patients the right impression about you and your expertise. A badly-designed and badly-chosen office or workspace will not do wonders for your business. Here, then, are the top factors to consider when choosing a new dental and orthodontic facility.

The location

One of the more important aspects of choosing a dental and orthodontic office is the location. You’d want it to be easily accessible to your patients, ideally in an area which has a high flow of traffic. The building should also have a good orientation, which means that it’s highly-visible and your signage can be easily seen and noticed.

The allotment of space

You have to think about the operatories in your office as well. How many are you planning to have? When you are able to determine how many operatories you need, this will help you choose the right amount of space that your office should have. Ideally, you should have about 325 sq.ft for every operatory, so if you are planning to have four operatories, then you should multiply 325 sq.ft by four. This will give you the total area you need for your office. Don’t forget the reception area, staff areas, a storage area for your dental and orthodontic supplies, bathrooms, and the administrative office as well.

The layout and additional features

You may also have to consider changes and innovations when it comes to technology – how much additional space will you need for future expansion and the purchasing of new equipment? The layout should be both functional and aesthetically-pleasing, allowing you to work efficiently in a pleasant and comfortable environment – and making your clients comfortable as well.

Other useful tips and considerations

When planning your operatory, it may be a good idea to have fewer cupboards and cabinets. Avoid a design which features two to three massive cabinets which are loaded with drawers; the tendency of these kinds of cabinets is to build up clutter and spaces where instruments and supplies can easily get misplaced or lost.

The actual trend today is creating more space for the area of sterilization as well as a properly-maximized storage area and closet, which minimize clutter and make for easier cleaning and maintenance.


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