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How to protect residential and industrial job sites through coverings and containment

BusinessHow to protect residential and industrial job sites through coverings and containment

Giving a little attention to details can do much to minimize unintended damage on construction sites. The use of protective covering materials and containment systems are an easy and inexpensive way to keep unavoidable messes contained in one area, as well as protecting all nearby surfaces.

Wood Floor Protection

The surface of a wood floor can be easily damaged both during installation and any time after. Using breathable protective covering will provide a cushion against damage and keep the humidity at the right level to retain the health of the floor. It is the perfect covering to use during installation, offering a way to walk over the surface without causing damage.

Equipment and Dust

Equipment in an industrial setting comes with a hefty price tag. Computer operated milling, manufacturing, packaging, and food production machinery has to stay as dust-free as possible. Dust can clog essential systems and coat the wiring. The results can lead to equipment failure. Using a containment system before beginning projects that generate high levels of dust is an affordable solution.

Avoid Scratches, Etching, and Breaking of Tile Flooring

Damage can happen to tile flooring in unexpected ways. Bringing equipment in that is heavy, produces high-stress motion or vibration, and dropped tools can break, crack, scratch, and etch the surface. Using a heavy duty covering over these types of floors will prevent unintended damage.

Reducing Liquid Contamination

The use of many types of chemicals as a matter of course in construction jobs can result in spills or drips. Contaminating flooring, walls, equipment, furnishings, and personal belongings can happen without proper safeguards in place. Floor coverings, dropcloths, transparent plastic film, paper covering and durable commercial-grade tape will help eliminate the possibility of contaminating the environment.

Reduce Fire Hazards

You can add floor coverings that are heavy duty and provide fire-retardant capabilities. Industrial level construction jobs tend to use more electricity and raise the possibilities of unexpected sparks. Using a fire-retardant floor covering will help protect the building from catching fire.

Easy to Use and Remove

High-quality protective coverings, containment systems, and materials are all designed to be easy for nearly anyone to use and quick to get rid of after the project. Many of the materials are fully recyclable and environmentally-friendly. It makes using this type of protective gear a sensible way to save money from damage control and provide a lighter earth impact.

Contact protective covering and containment specialists like TRIMACO and find out more about the benefits this type of equipment can provide right now!


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