Admittedly, it’s not all about how you dress. If you don’t smash the interview, it could be down to a number of other reasons. Letting nerves get the better of you, not being confident in your responses and doing enough research prior on the company and role you’re applying for could be contributors. That said, as a graduate who’s done her fair share of job hunting, seeking out just the right outfit that makes you feel good for your interview can be the process you need to kickstart your preparation for blowing a future employer’s socks off.

Dress Code

Sometimes you can get a good indication of what is expected of you and the clothes you should wear to your interview from your invite, whether via email or by phone, or even if you happen to hand in a CV physically. If not, there are other ways to get a good indication. What kind of interview is it? Is it a one-on-one interview or group? Have you been made aware of any activities you might be doing? In the case of more activity-oriented interviews, you may want to dress more casually in order to easily move. However, it’s good to assume a smart dress code and be overdressed.

By looking into this, you’re already beginning to get your bearings on what kind of place the company is and what is expected of you. Throughout your googling and scouring of LinkedIn pages, you’ve probably also struck gold on things you can bring up in the interview itself.

When considering what to wear, don’t forget other elements like hair and make-up. Make-up, if you choose to wear it, should be kept to a minimum. After all, you don’t want smudged eye make-up or lipstick on your teeth distracting from the valuable things you’re saying in your interview. Ensure hair is tidy and out of your face so as to avoid a desire to play with it.

Where To Shop

Most fashion retailers offer a range of clothing designed for more formal occasions. Debenhams, for instance, has a section specifically for work dresses, a range of shapes and cuts all reaching to the ideal knee length. If you’re looking to invest in some more timeless pieces, take a look at Karen Millen’s outlet sale and use Promo Codes For to get double the savings with up to 70% money off already. Though on the higher end in terms of price tags, you can find fashionable dresses, trousers and blouses that’ll see you succeed in power dressing and have you fit and ready for the gruelling interview process.

When it comes to shoes, there’s no other place to shop than New Look. If you were anything like me and your footwear collection was filled with trainers and boots, not a pair of flats in sight, New Look is unlikely to ever let you down. Known for offering affordable, on trend shoes, find the perfect pair of comfortable flats that’ll go with any outfit. Suede loafers with gold bar additions, just £19.99 or strappy pumps are also an instant winner. If you’re planning to wear heels, don’t go for anything over a 2-inch heel. This isn’t a night out on the town, no matter how good four-inch stilettos make your legs look.

Power Dressing

Sure, a carefully picked out outfit isn’t going to be the soul reason you land the job. But you really shouldn’t underestimate the confidence and sense of ease clothes can bring you when walking into a nerve-wracking situation. Think of it as your working armour and, when it comes to shopping guilt, remember this is the clothing you’ll be spending 70% of your time in when you finally land that job. With a lot of discounts across our site at retailers for all things clothing and accessories, though, we think you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a range of fantastic deals.

Go into your interview feeling at home in your clothes and you’ll be more likely to give a better performance. Opt for items you’ve worn before and know are comfortable, meaning you’ll also know when something needs an iron taking to it once you’ve unearthed from its drawer. It’s all about ridding yourself of exterior worries so that you can focus on the important aspects of your interview, knowing you’re also giving a smart, confident first impression.

Browse the sales for those last-minute interview outfit items, but also look out for more timeless, investment pieces like your accessories. Taking the time to consider these aspects will show you really care about how you present yourself to your interviewer and will hopefully help in encouraging your best performance. With our amazing deals, you’ll also feel less stressed at the prospect of forking out lots of cash before you’ve got the job that’ll be paying your way.


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