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Buying an industrial vacuum cleaner–a few tips to keep in mind

BusinessBuying an industrial vacuum cleaner–a few tips to keep in mind

The difference between industrial vacuum cleaners and standard vacuum cleaners is quite significant. Standard vacuum cleaners are designed for smaller spaces, and are not very durable. Use it for a long period of time, and the cleaner is likely to overheat. However, this is not the case with an industrial vacuum cleaner. They are designed to operate for long periods of time, and are also significantly more durable. Manufactured for use in industrial settings, the industrial vacuum cleaner is also slightly bigger in size. If you are looking for a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, here are a few tips to help you buy the right one.


By comparison, industrial vacuum cleaners are already designed to hold more dirt compared to standard vacuum cleaners. However, there are plenty of variations, ranging from industrial vacuum cleaners with a smaller capacity, to ones that come with a significantly larger dust holder. The size of the industrial vacuum cleaner is going to play a major role in your purchase. If you have a smaller vacuum cleaner for covering a larger factory area, you will need to repeatedly clean it out, which will disrupt the cleaning process.


Most vacuum cleaners that are used in industrial spaces have adjustable power systems. A high suction vacuum cleaner is obviously much more effective in removing the dirt and cleaning the machinery and the floors as compared to a standard one. Some cleaners even come with a “carpet mode” that automatically boosts power to clean the carpets. The power of an industrial vacuum cleaner can be determined by checking a number of units; the wattage, amps, CFM, and the AW.

The airflow of the vacuum cleaner is measured in cubic feet per minute. It is one of the most important measurements used in evaluating different heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. Basically, it represents the power of the airflow from the surface into the bag. It is the quantity that is sucked in by the vacuum cleaner within a minute, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). While it is a very important measurement, you might not find it on every industrial vacuum cleaner. The higher the CFM on the vacuum cleaner, the more suction power it will offer. Another important unit of power that you have to check is the horsepower; a more powerful unit will always have higher horsepower.

Most types of industrial vacuum cleaners are not available in commercial stores. They are sold by private companies and are often manufactured by several different brands. Before you buy any vacuum cleaner, take time to read reviews about it and find out whether it is something that will last you for the next few years.


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