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3 cost-effective ways to keep employees safe

Business3 cost-effective ways to keep employees safe

Do you occasionally look around your business facilities and wonder if your office, warehouse and parking area are safe enough for your employees? Are you compliant with all the standards and regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA)? Are you staying within your allotted budget to keep safety up to snuff?

These are good questions to regularly ask yourself as a caring and forward-thinking employer.

It is wise to continually monitor the safety of your building and grounds in an effort to home in on lurking risks and hazards. With this strategy, along with the following three cost-effective ways to keep employees safe, you can correct any issues to ensure your employees stay safe at all times.

Stay Current on Safety Standards

Schedule regular safety training sessions in order to keep everyone current on safety standards and protocols. This simple and inexpensive safety measure is a good way to ensure collective understanding of your organization’s approach to safety and health in the workplace. An increasing number of organizations are adopting a positive safety culture. With such a proactive approach to workplace health and safety, employees have a better understanding of potential hazards and how to proceed if they see a problem. It is important to let employees know that their questions and concerns are welcome so that the safety manager and his or her team can investigate and rule out an issue or correct it. Additional items you might cover in these health and safety meetings include:

  • Introduction of the safety manager, his or her team and any managers who can take reports on potential hazards
  • An overview of the most common health and safety practices in businesses like those in your industry
  • Risks and hazards that your business has caught and corrected in the past

Install a Cutting-Edge Remote Security Guard

A remote security guard service can protect your employees in so many vital ways, including the following:

  • Virtual Guard Patrol. The live security guards posted at the security company’s offices can monitor your property, indoors and out, and alert the authorities if they detect suspicious activity.
  • Lone Worker/Panic Response. If there are times when only one employee is on the job site, you may worry that he or she does not have any backup. Through video monitoring and two-way radio response, your valued employee is never left on his or her own.
  • A Virtual Escort. For times when your employees need to enter or exit your building at night, on weekends or any time they are on their own, the Virtual Escort is critical. The monitoring team can keep an eye on everyone as they enter and exit their vehicle and the doors of your building when the employee checks in regarding their arrival or departure in advance.

This cost-effective solution combines the benefits of technology with the physical security guard presence at a mere fraction of the cost of hiring an on-site security guard.

Reward Employees for Safe Workplace Behavior and Practices

Reinforce proactive workplace safety care with rewards. Plan quarterly safety luncheons where you will highlight a top safety employee who has caught and reported an issue, preventing an an injury or health issue for themselves and fellow employees. You might choose anything from a gift certificate to a local restaurant or a special plaque.

Focusing on employees’ safety ensures greater confidence, morale, loyalty and productivity. Letting your employees know that you value them means a lot in our modern world. Whether you plan regular safety reinforcement meetings, install high-quality remote video monitoring equipment, offer rewards for safety, or all three, you are likely to get back much more in return, in terms of confidence, morale, loyalty and productivity.


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