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Case closed: what are the best practices for investigative case management?


Best practices distinguish the quality of one organization from another. The practices become part of the corporate brand because they create credibility, trust, and confidence.
Successful businesses manage frequent and complex risks and threats to their people, performance, and purpose. Yet, they remain exposed to disinformation, litigation, and negative reviews. So, they increasingly turn to top-of-the-line investigative case management software.

The problem

Business problems multiply documents and records. This requires more files needing more space. More files mean more people handling more data. And, so the process problem moves towards critical mass.
Businesses, law firms, universities, government offices, and more require support in investigative case management. Dario Forte, writing for ACFE™ (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), said, “Case management tools are needed for many reasons: fraud management, information sharing, corporate investigations, compliance and international regulations, forensic process and court validation.”
He also points out the standard spreadsheet programs just cannot support case management anymore. And, the challenge is too much for organizations to develop in house software solutions.

The solution

Sophisticated investigative case management software can integrate all internal processes. It will partner with process management to handle case management, process workflow, continuous improvement cycles, and more at the same time. The best practice software facilitates other best practices, too:

  • Reduces paperwork. Without physical files, all data is stored for easy access and connectivity. Archived as it is, the discovers and displays patterns and trends.
  • Optimizes process. Software runs 24/7 and waits for no personal interaction or human error. It moves with speed and apparent simplicity to present data, interpretations, and reports on demand in customized formats.
  • Integrates data. Investigative case management needs software with cross-discipline capability to pull together everything relating to the case: old data, fresh data, and data from other processes. In doing so, it creates a platform for collaboration on problem solving.
  • Proves cost-effective. The software expedites processes saving time and relieving labor burden. Manual collection is time-intensive and error-prone, best practices in investigative case management eliminates both problems. And, in expediting communications, it facilitates solutions and uncovers missed opportunities.

Best practices for investigative case management

InfoEntrepreneurs, the Canada Business Network, defines “best practices” as “finding – and using – the best ways of working to achieve your business objectives. It involves keeping up to date with the ways that successful businesses operate – in your sector and others – and measuring your ways of working against those used by the market leaders.”
The point is that any organization can and will find many ways to work. But, experience and advances in technology have filtered organizational behavior in favor of practices that are “best” for the operation and its customers and stakeholders.

The best practices create a defense in ethics and the law against fraud, crime, breaches, and litigation. In time, the best practices build organizational confidence, public respect, and customer loyalty. Using high-quality investigative case management itself is a best practice. But, it carries with it the helpful bonus of enabling your other best practices, a sequence that improves the organization’s value.


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