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Injured on the job? 3 steps to regaining control and ensuring you are properly compensated

BusinessInjured on the job? 3 steps to regaining control and ensuring you are properly compensated

It is possible for a person to experience significant injuries from an accident during their work. It may take time and a lot of medical treatment for them to get back to performing their daily activities. There will also come a time when they are ready to return to work.

Work-Related Injuries

These can happen when a person is doing work for their employer and is injured. Many of these injuries occur in the workplace, but it’s also possible for them to occur when an employee is driving a company vehicle and more. An employee must have been doing something connected to their duties assigned by the company to qualify for workers compensation benefits. It is important a worker notify their employer of the accident as soon as possible. If an employer offers compensation for an accident, an employee must still file a claim with the Workers Compensation Commission. Within the next 21 days after filing a claim, an employer will start paying benefits or contest a worker’s claim.

Healing Period

A worker will receive payment for appropriate medical treatment during the time they are healing from an accident. Should the healing period be 14 days or less, some benefits won’t be paid for at least three days after their claim has been approved. If the healing period is over 14 days, benefits are paid to the employee starting on the first day their claim is approved.


A person in Indiana who has been approved for workers compensation will receive two-thirds of their average weekly pay rate. They will continue to receive this money until a physician determines they have recovered enough to work. It is possible for someone to continue receiving workers compensation benefits after they go back to their job. This often happens if an accident victim’s pay is decreased as a direct result of their injuries from the accident. An accident victim will need to prove they are partially disabled from the accident and that this is the only reason their pay was lowered.

Returning To Work

A person needs to decide if they will benefit from returning to their former job. Many people do not like spending too much time away from work. Going back to work could be a huge financial benefit. Seldom does workers compensation equal a person’s regular pay. A person is unable to qualify for overtime, promotions or raises if they aren’t on the job.

Reasonable Accommodations

When someone tries to return to work after an accident, there is a possibility they may not immediately be able to perform their duties in the same way as they did prior to the accident. Most employers are willing to make accommodations in this situation. They will temporarily provide work for a recovering accident victim until they’re ready to go back to their regular duties.


When an accident victim initially returns to work, they may have some medical restrictions that must be followed for a period of time. There have been situations where employers have asked accident victims to exceed these restrictions. It is important this request be declined. It’s important a person returning to work after an injury keep a copy of their medical restrictions with them and present them to any person who suggests they exceed them.

Accidents do happen when people are on the job. It is possible for someone to be in an accident with a semi truck while driving for their company and more. When this happens, a person is entitled to workers compensation. Should their employer deny this coverage, they should speak with a semi truck accident attorney. They will know how to approach an employer about workers compensation. These legal professionals know how to get an accident victim back to work and living the life they had before the accident.


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