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The benefits of lecturing


If you are stuck in a job you do not enjoy or couldn’t get a job relating to your degree, why don’t you become a lecturer? You can gain a teaching qualification and teach other students what you are most passionate about. You may have already been working in your chosen field, but you want to get into something new, so becoming a lecturer in your specific field at Kent State University has many benefits. Here are just four of them.


One of the benefits of becoming a lecturer if you are looking to cut your hours down or spend more time with your family is that it is not a 9-5 office job. There may be certain times you are needed in the university to teach, or for administrative work or meetings. Most classes are not every day so you may not need to travel to work each day. You will also get school holidays where you still may have some administrative work to do, but at least it can be done from the comfort of your own home and is flexible! With the use of technology, it is now easy enough to talk to students via email, meaning a lot of things can be worked out through email rather than needing to be in your office all day, just in case a student needs you.


Of course, becoming a lecturer and sharing your passion is rewarding. You have been through the course and although it may have changed slightly since you did it, you can empathize with your students, which is a great skill to have. You can help and support your students to be the best they can be and give them advice on interviews. You can watch them graduate and feel how rewarding it is. If you had a great lecturer, chances are you will never forget them. Having to discipline students is rare when lecturing, as most students have chosen this course and want to do well, whereas in school, a lot more children misbehave, but you still need to know when to have a firm word. Kent State Online offers great music education programs to turn your love of music into a rewarding career.


The great part about being a lecturer in a chosen subject is you can focus on your interests and what you are most passionate and educated about. An individual lecturer will oversee planning lessons each week and how the students will be assessed. Usually, classes have more than one lecturer depending on their subject, whereas if you are teaching in a school, you will have one main subject and will need to teach all of it briefly. With lecturing, you can delve deep into the parts you think your students should know and can bring in your own experiences.

Whichever your specialty, if you want to work in what you know best, becoming a lecturer is a great and rewarding way to do so.


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