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All you need to know about pigment ink


There’s probably some pigment ink within sight of you right now, as it’s used on so many products these days. This type of ink is an ink which solidly remains on paper and will not, in most cases, be removed by either water or friction.

  • Pigment inks are those that are made with different substances than those which are in standard dye inks, and these are what ensures the strong adhesion to the paper.

Pigmented inks include larger particles than other types of ink; these same particles get absorbed by the surfaces to which they are applied and are hard to remove. Water usually tends to smear basic dye inks, whereas pigment inks, after having dried, will normally run very little, even when submerged in water.

  • Pigment inks can be put to use for a wide range of purposes just like dye inks can, and can even be used as ink in printers.

A Much Smoother Experience

As you may have noticed at some time in the past, the dye in a dye-based ink will completely dissolve when immersed in water, whilst pigment ink usually does not completely dissipate.

  • This is why dye-based inks are more likely to provide a much smoother writing and printing experience.

With their bright colour concentrates, they can also be made to display more intense and fuller colours. Should, however, any dye-based inks get exposed to even a small amount of water, the ink will then smudge over the paper and portray any writing or image as damaged or incomprehensible.

  • The bigger, un-softened molecules of pigment inks, are, however, taken into the fibres of the paper and are a lot more difficult to spoil without having to actually destroy the paper.

More Expensive, But For a Reason

Whilst pigment inks have a lot more benefits to various other types of ink, which will easily fade and are quickly ruined, pigment ink is more expensive, also.

  • Ink which is utilised for archiving purposes, which will last for a very long time without any fading (or suffer from any water damage), will naturally be somewhat more expensive as they cost more to manufacture.

Colour pigmented ink that has been especially designed for archiving purposes is meant to last for centuries. It is naturally not deemed necessary (especially nowadays with the advent of computer technology) for the vast majority of written documents to last for a very long time, or whether they fade or not.

Making it Last

However, for some exceptional documents or works of art, it is highly important that any ink which is used, lasts for as long as possible.

  • Archive-quality pigment ink is made to last for centuries if the material it is on is well maintained and kept away from certain environmental conditions.

A lot of artists prefer using pigment ink due to its ability to dissipate very little with time, whilst other types of inks will fade if they are exposed to bright light for even a short amount of time.


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