It doesn’t surprise people that coffee is so popular in the US. But not everyone realizes that the love for coffee is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. This is especially true in Canada, which is why the number of coffee shops is growing each day. If you’re thinking of opening your own coffee shop here, you will need to build a website to promote your business. To help you out, you will most likely require the help of local SEO services in Montreal.

The basic rule of SEO is simple—you need to have quality web content. You need to provide information that your potential customers and website visitors will want to know about. So as a small business owner and fellow coffee lover, you have to anticipate what people will want to know about.

So what information can you feature that will improve your SEO? Here are a few examples:

  1. Where is your coffee shop located? Not every coffee shop is located in a prominent street corner. You may only be found in some out of the way spot instead. But the great thing about SEO is that you can use Google to show a map that leads to your shop.
  2. When is your shop open? Show your operating hours so people now when to come in.
  3. What kind of coffee do you serve? Of course it helps if you can feature the drinks menu in your shop. But it’s also great if you can feature more info regarding the coffee beans you use. Where do they come from? Do you use “fair trade coffee”?
  4. One way of boosting your websites online presence is to use your blog to offer advice for budding coffee enthusiasts. Offer tips on buying coffee machines and recommend the best ones. Teach people how to prepare coffee properly for best results.
  5. Coffee can be a very subjective topic, so your site can host discussions and debates regarding certain topics. These topics can cover how to best prepare pour-over coffee and also tackle the preparation of different types of coffee.
  6. Your website doesn’t have to be full of just articles. You can feature videos as well, or at least carry links to your YouTube page. Your videos can better demonstrate how you prepare the coffee you serve in your shop. Also, they’re much more alluring than just text or even plain images.
  7. Showcase other attractions that your shop offers. Do you serve snacks to go along with the coffee? Do you offer free Wi-Fi?
  8. If your shop sells coffee beans, coffeemakers, and mugs, you can use your website as an e-commerce platform as well. This can allow more people to buy items from your business and you can increase your customer base to include people in other towns.
  9. Tell your story regarding how you fell in love with coffee and why you started your coffee shop. These heart-warming tales tend to resonate with other coffee lovers, and they’ll be interested. You also present a more human face for your brand, as you don’t appear as merely a business to make money.
  10. Use your website to start an email list. You can then distribute newsletters to your subscribers and provide them with regular articles about the coffee they love. Your newsletters can also inform them about new promotions and discounts as well as new additions to your menu.

Let the professional experts deal with the technical minutiae of improving your website SEO. As a coffee shop owner, your job is to share your love of coffee with others—and to make some money while you’re at it!


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