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The many advantages of fiberglass


For companies that need to set up pipes, tanks, and conduits, the best solution is often for them to consult with a fiberglass conduit manufacturer. Conduits made of fiberglass offer advantages and benefits that you can’t get from any other type of material.

Resistance to Corrosion

Fiberglass is inherently resistant to corrosion, and this characteristic makes it a popular choice for pipes and conduits. In many cases, it’s the only kind of material that can withstand the particular environment it’s installed. In other cases where other materials may also work, companies find out that fiberglass is the most economical material to use. However, different kinds of fiberglass have varying levels of corrosion resistance. It mostly depends on the level of resin content.

Light Weight

Fiberglass has a very high ratio of strength to weight. In general, a fiberglass conduit that has the same level of strength as a steel conduit will weigh only 1/7 of the steel conduit’s weight. It’s even lighter and stronger than aluminum. A fiberglass conduit that’s as strong as its aluminum counterpart will weigh only ½ as much.

Due to the fact it’s so lightweight, the installation process is so much simpler. It doesn’t take as long because it doesn’t need as much manpower to move the fiberglass conduits. When the installation of the pipes and conduits is on existing structures, the lightweight form of the fiberglass is a distinct advantage.

Extremely Strong

Because of the high strength-to-weight ratio, you can have your pipes and conduits extremely strong and able to withstand great forces. So, a fiberglass conduit weighs the same as a steel conduit but will be 7 times stronger. Fiberglass will also be twice as strong. This is an important advantage when you don’t want to risk having the contents of the conduit exposed. In addition, you can expect your conduit system to last for many years.


Fiberglass can be molded and shaped like glass, and thus it’s quite versatile in the shape it can take. You can design the fiberglass into just about any type of configuration, or enable it to resemble and mimic a particular type of equipment.

This is quite helpful in applications such as ductwork, pipes, and conduits. You can connect and attach various pieces securely without having to weld them. That’s because you can have connectors in place that fit together securely and exactly so that pieces can come together without too much work done and time spent.

Radio Frequency Transparent

When it comes to radio frequencies, it’s like fiberglass isn’t even there to block the signals. This makes fiberglass the ideal material for various types of electronics as it won’t hamper its performance.


Sometimes companies can put in electrical cables through these conduits. It’s a good thing if the conduit is made of fiberglass as it doesn’t conduct electricity. This makes it easier to for workers to work with, and consumers and other people who happen to come next to it won’t be endangered.


Obviously with many businesses one of the goals is to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Why pay more when you don’t have to? Of course, You need to get the proper materials that exhibit the features you need for a particular installation environment. It has to be strong enough and corrosion-resistant enough. With these factors in play, many find out that of all the materials that have the needed characteristics it’s fiberglass that’s the most economical option.

All in all, fiberglass is a superior choice, and it’s why its use is rising all over the world.


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