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How to improve your branding

BusinessHow to improve your branding

Having a strong brand for your company is essential, and despite the fact that it has become so relevant, all too many companies are neglecting their branding opportunities. Although branding is usually mentioned in the business planning stage, very often that is the last time many companies give it much in the way of consideration. Failing to take into account the importance of branding throughout your business’s development could be the main reason why your business isn’t doing as well as you hoped, and if it has been a while since you last looked at your branding strategy, then now is the time to clarify, streamline, and augment your brand. The right branding can create an emotional resonance with potential customers, and that’s crucial when it comes to conversion rates and increasing your customer base.

The basics – Your logo

You are going to want your branding to reflect your company, and more importantly, you need it to express you. Branding is a unique tool that allows you to personalize your business and give it a personality. This is key when it comes to sticking in a customer’s mind, and it’s why large corporations spend so much time, energy, and money on researching the best logo that they can. You don’t need to do that, although being aware that your logo is the foundation of your branding is vital. There are a number of free resources available online that you can use to experiment with logo designs, or you can take advantage of design companies who can give you a range of options. Look at successful branding examples such as Apple, McDonald’s, or Ferrari, and emulate those successes while bringing your own unique voice into account.

How to spread your branding

You’ve got a great logo on your business letters and set up as your automated email sign-off, but that’s not really enough. Your branding needs to be consistent across every facet of your business. Your logo, tagline, and aesthetic needs to be on show at all times, and that means every page of your website and throughout your office. You could take the next step, and create custom personalized plastic stadium cups or other peripherals like cheap tote bags, that not only can be used in-store, but can also be used by customers to advertise your business long after they have used your services.

Reinforce your brand

Once you have the basic elements down, you need to remember that branding is not something that looks after itself. Your social media interactions, emails, blog updates, product descriptions and even the way that you answer the phone, all need to remain on-brand at all times, and that is essential when it comes to advertising or promoting yourself and your business. Branding should not be the sole preserve of your marketing department; it needs to be ingrained into every level of your company and reinforced with every employee. Use your brand to target your customer demographic and use the social media platforms that they are most likely to be using. From traditional advertising to PPC options, your branding can go a long way to strengthening your position and pushing you ahead of the competition.

While you may believe that your product speaks for itself, your business has a value of its own, and only through a clear branding strategy will you be able to take advantage of that value and improve your bottom line.


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