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What are the skills required to be an HVAC technician?

BusinessWhat are the skills required to be an HVAC technician?

There is a growing demand for qualified HVAC technicians at the moment and many people are considering the profession because of job opportunities and the fairly good salaries the industry offers.

Another point which make this career choice so popular is the relatively short formation time it takes to get certified. However, that doesn’t mean everyone will have the skills needed to succeed in this profession. Here are some of the skills and attributes that separate successful HVAC technicians from the rest.

Basic Mechanical Skills

While a great deal of your mechanical skills will be developed during the formation, you should be somewhat comfortable with mechanical systems to begin with if you want to succeed in your formation and career. HVAC technicians are the ones that are called upon when HVAC systems need to be repaired, assembled, disassembled and programmed, so a certain level of mechanical knowledge is essential.

Proper Education

As you may already know, you’ll need to get the proper formation if you want to become a certified HVAC technician. In many cases, technicians will try to get a formal credential (diploma, degree or certification. Programs can be a short as 6 months and as long as 2 years. The best HVAC training programs will give you hands-on training which will support you throughout your career as a technician.

Certain Level of Strength

HVAC professionals will also need to be able to carry heavy objects on many occasions. It’s not uncommon for HVAC technicians to have to lift heavy parts or whole air conditioning units while doing repairs or inspections. While you won’t have to do some heavy lifting on all jobs, it’s still a fairly physically demanding job, so be prepared for that.

People Skills

A lot of people overlook this, but a lot of your job deals with human interaction and communication. You’ll constantly have to deal with different persons from all walks of life, some more pleasant than others. You’ll also have to be courteous and try to get to the bottom of the problem even though some clients may not be able to express themselves as well. So, as a technician, you’ll have to have the finesse it takes to manoeuvre yourself through all types of situations while providing the best customer service as possible.

Time Management Skills

This is another skill a lot of people don’t necessarily associate with a career as an HVAC technician. In most cases HVAC technicians have to deal with multiple different jobs per day and you never really know how long you’ll be on each call. So, you’ll have to have the organizational skills and time management skills needed to properly organize a schedule and address priorities.

These are only some of the skills that are required of the average HVAC technician. Whether you develop these skills along the way or they’re already innate to you, these attributes are essential if you want to enjoy a long and successful career as an HVAC technician.


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