According to a report by American Express, meetings and events this year will be marked by three major trends in business events: technology, strategy, and security, which will play a key role in this sector.

We are talking about the fact that there will be a greater emphasis placed on the strategies followed by organisations being reflected in business events they are involved in. Such events will, seemingly, follow the same objectives as those that the company wants to achieve. This year will also see the definitive success of new technologies highlighted in all aspects of such events and the safety and security of attendees will also be given maximum priority.

Technology, strategy and security priorities when organising business events

These three trends will mark the sector of business events during this year, and this is how they will do it.


First of all, we want to talk about the role of technology throughout the entire process of organising, producing and supporting business events. Mobile apps will become one of the most powerful tools to encourage interaction among participants, not only during the event but also to benefit from them pre-event and post-event. In this way, technology will become the perfect weapon to enhance the experience of those present at business events, encouraging communication between them and generating strong networking among the community.


In 2018, organisations will move ahead at full speed ensuring that the strategies of the company’s business events are totally in tune with the strategies of the company itself. This step towards a unification of strategies supposes a before and after in important issues such as the allocation of resources or budget allocated to the organisation of events. In this sense, business events will take on a strategic meaning through which to achieve the company’s general objectives.


The last of these 3 trends that will mark business events throughout 2018, is security. But it will not be the least important. Due to certain economic instability that still persists in many countries and the increasing political uncertainty of others, it is necessary that the organisers of events concern themselves with the absolute and total security of the attendees at business events.

The direction marked by these three trends will lead to business events being totally in line with the company’s objectives, more digitized than ever, and in which it will be possible to participate with complete peace of mind and confidence.

It is also expected that the economic growth of the business events sector will continue to increase throughout the year, which will lead to increasing pressure on
event production companies to confirm attendance due to the increase in participants. Finally, one to keep an eye on – there is also an interesting emerging trend of holding business events in private homes with the aim of delivering a more personalised experience for attendees.


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