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Trowel quality and its significance in better plaster finish


Wall finishing is very important in any building. Interior walls should be impeccable and aesthetically pleasing. Exterior walls, on the other hand, should be durable and resistant to wear and tear. It requires a great amount of skill to apply plaster on walls. A plasterer’s primary tool is a trowel. A good quality trowel is paramount in the resulting finish of the wall.

Trowels come in different shapes and sizes. This determines the best use for the trowel and choosing the type of trowel best for a job is also important.

Different Types of Trowels

There are different types of trowels depending on the metal used.

  • Stainless steel trowel. The best advantage of stainless steel is that it’s rustproof. This is very versatile and does not cause staining.
  • Standard or carbon steel trowel. Carbon steel is the most commonly used trowel. It is very durable and can last for a number of years. Since carbon steel can develop rust after some time, it is important to keep it well-maintained by oiling and sanding.
  • Blue steel trowel. This is usually a little thinner than carbon steel, hence, will flex a little. This is best used for smoother finishes that require a bit of feathering.

Aside from the material used in the blade of the trowel, there are different types of handles to choose from as well. There are wooden handles, rubberized soft-grip handles, and plastic handles.

Plastering trowels also come in different sizes depending on the surface to be finished. Smaller trowels are often used for more detailed finishing. There are trowels that are specifically designed for finishing stuccos, and pools. These usually have curved blades.

How to Select a Good Quality Trowel

Since there are many different types of trowels out there, selecting the best one is highly subjective. You will need to narrow down your options according to the following:

  • Type of finish
  • Type of material
  • Trowel Size

If you are buying a trowel for a specialised type of finishing job, look for one that is specifically made for this purpose. A standard trowel may not be able to perform as well as a specialised trowel. Most would agree that a versatile trowel offers the best value for your money. This is true for general finishing jobs. Consider your skill set and look for a trowel that best suits you.

Durability is another important consideration when buying a trowel. You must always invest in quality trowels that can withstand years of use. Buying cheap will cost you more in the long run! Any skilled construction worker would agree that investing in your tools will determine how much you value your job. It always makes a good impression when you know your tools and use good quality ones too.


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