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Using coloured sticky labels to sell your product


Self-adhesive labels, also known as stickers, are the most common type of label in the market today. Stickers have many advantages over other types of labels. The adhesive part of the sticker forms a strong bond with the surface of the product, ensuring that the sticker cannot be easily removed. Efforts to pull them off forcibly are evident in traces of adhesive or paper left behind on the surface of the product. This is a good security measure to ensure that your products are not tampered with before distribution. However, they can be removed using gentle pressure. Stickers are not susceptible to movement. They are also water resistant and can be used on products that require refrigeration. Stickers can be designed in virtually any shape and size. This allows them to be used on any type of product, from fresh fruits to wine bottles and CD cases. A very important factor to consider when designing a label is the choice of colour.

The Importance of Colour

Colour serves to grab attention and entice consumers towards your product. Different colours are known to convey different meanings, including emotions. The choice of colour or colour combination for your label should say something about your product and evoke a reaction from consumers. For instance, yellow is very visible colour and is usually associated with playfulness and sunshine. Green is the colour of freshness, nature, and wealth. Red is another standout colour that easily catches the eye. It is associated with love and excitement, and sometimes danger. Metallic colours such as silver and gold are also quite eye-catching and are mostly used to show luxury and class. When designing your label, have in mind that colour is an important factor for consumers in the shopping process.

Colour Combination Strategies

Striking colour combinations and patterns can invoke just as much interest as bold single colours, though it is important to note that overcomplicated or busy patterns can distract the consumer from the product itself. The Pantone Colour Wheel is commonly consulted to determine compatible colour combinations. Most colours produce a striking contrast when paired with black, making black an all-round favourite for designers to use in one form or another. Certain combinations have specific meanings. Investing in adjusting the colours of your label to match the seasons is a good strategy. If the label of your product is mainly black, consider including red and pink in the design for the Valentine season, red and green for Christmas, or a tinge of orange for Halloween. If you market products that go along with natural seasons, certain colour combinations are easily recognizable. You can use orange and brown for autumn, white and blue for winter, green and yellow for summer, and a bevy of bright colours for spring. However, changing labels based on the season may be resource-intensive and may not be efficient for your product.

Printing Your Label

When using different colour combinations, buying coloured labels saves some ink. You can obtain a coloured label of your choice to serve as the base and print the rest of the multi-coloured design over it. It is important to purchase sticky labels that are compatible with the type of printer that you have. Some labels can be printed on only by a specific type of printer, while others are compatible with all printers. Ink type is should also be considered, as some ink last longer than others. Here you can view different types of quality coloured sticky labels that are compatible with all types of printers. These self-adhesive labels are affordable and come in various shapes and sizes.


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