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The essential factors you should consider before signing an employment contract as a doctor

BusinessThe essential factors you should consider before signing an employment contract as a doctor
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Physicians will always be in high demand, and this is a fact that we all know if we have been in the medical and healthcare sector long enough. As a physician, it can be relatively easy for you to find an employer, especially if you have a certain medical specialty. But if you receive a seemingly good offer, you can’t just sign on the dotted line and be done with it. You need to take the time to carefully go through the contract, as there can be some red flags that you may not be aware of at first. So, what do you need to look for before signing an employment contract as a doctor? Here are the essential factors you should consider.

A professional review

Even if you think you are savvy enough to review the employment contract on your own, it’s still best to have the employment contract reviewed by a professional – a lawyer who is familiar with employment contracts for physicians is your best bet, and the small investment is worth it.

Look for specific terms and deals

When reviewing the employment contract, you should look for specific terms and deals which have been previously mentioned in your meetings with the employer. Verbal deals or terms should be stated in the contract, and if there are any terms mentioned in emails or other written communication, these should be included as well. Some key aspects to make sure of would be the schedule, the call, and the location since these are potential lifestyle changes which could have an impact on your job satisfaction. Of course, you should also look carefully at the amount of compensation.

Pay attention to the non-compete proviso or stipulation

It is also important to remember that there are certain states which allow for a non-compete stipulation or proviso. These stipulations are relatively standard, and they can be imposed whenever reasonable, especially in terms of geography, scope, or duration. If you are looking at an employment contract and see a non-compete stipulation or provision, peruse it carefully – don’t sign it if you are not planning to follow the stipulation or provision.

Focus on the termination terms

You should take a close look at the terms of termination, such as the length of time required to give notice and tail policies. Although these aspects may seem negative, especially when you are just starting out, it still pays to know what’s in store if you ever do resign.

Finding the proper employer is essential, as this will affect your life and happiness in the coming months, at the very least. You can always try looking for the right employer with the help of recruitment firms such as https://mascmedical.com so you have more assurance and peace of mind.

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