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Your complete guide to the different types of cranes you can hire


Cranes are a fixture in many a construction site and for good reason. One of the best aspects about cranes is that there are different kinds, and the kind you choose will depend on the kind of job you require. The good news about cranes is that they can now be easily hired or leased so you don’t have to deal with the expense of buying this piece of equipment yourself. Crane hire services allow you to save money, benefit from updated, well-maintained equipment, and benefit from expert advice and help as well. But the first question is what type of crane you need. Here’s your complete guide to the different types of cranes you can hire.

Vehicle-mounted cranes

Cranes are often awkward and bulky as well as heavy, so in order to move them from one place to another, a vehicle is often used. Cranes which are placed on vehicles are called vehicle-mounted cranes. When a vehicle is not moving, special outriggers are used to help the crane’s stability.

Tower cranes

Tower cranes are probably the most recognisable and well-known kind of crane, and it is often used in the construction of tall structures. A typical tower crane could stand as high as 265 feet, and it would have a capacity for lifting of as much as 20 tonnes. During a project, tower cranes are affixed to the ground with the use of a base made from concrete as well as big bolts which can make the crane more stable and allow it to be easily removed once the project is done.

Crawler cranes

Crawler cranes, as their name implies, are cranes which come with tracks in a tank design and style, although they are quite adept at moving across different kinds of terrain, from concrete to dirt to tarmac. Crawler cranes are a good alternative in place of truck mounted cranes when necessary.

All-terrain cranes

All-terrain cranes can be compared to vehicle-mounted cranes but without the mounting on the vehicle. These kinds of cranes are capable of moving around a building site using their own tyres, which are special off-road, heavy duty ones. These all-terrain cranes have a great capacity for lifting of between 40 and 500 tonnes, and they are capable of dealing with most anything. With their tyres, they can easily go through both soft soil or dirt or tough terrain, even if burdened by heavy loads.

There are other types as well: from telescopic handler cranes to telescopic cranes, railroad cranes, and more. What’s important is to choose the right one – and you can be sure of your choice if you rely on a good crane hire service, such as specialists in crane hire in Lincoln, APH Cranes & Access.


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