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Errors to avoid in marketing campaigns with influencers


Sometimes, the lack of time and haste lead us to carry out marketing actions without any planning. In spite of carrying out a detailed market study and selecting suitable influencers, you should not expose yourself to the following risks:

Generate a confusing image: the image we want to project may differ a lot from the one shown by the influencer in his promotional publications about our brand in social networks. This may be largely due to poor selection of the right profile for our campaign, to the fact that the influencer is not related to the target audience of our brand. Another possible error is not being able to transmit correctly what the brand should transmit.

Lack of credibility: if the influencer is contrary to what is being represented in the campaign or to the values ​​of the brand.

Saturation: care should be taken with the frequency of publication, since it can saturate the public and become a conventional campaign.

Bad reputation: if we want to take advantage of the influence of a referent in the sector to solve a reputation crisis, we will not obtain any credibility. In the event that the majority of opinions about our brand are negative, we must use other types of actions to improve the image of the brand, not a campaign of influencers that can even annoy the public and make the influencer lose credibility, because it will be perceived by public/customers as a fight between us and them.

If we are able to generate trust among our audience, it will be easier for us to create an emotional bond with them, but if we lose their confidence …


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