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The most important factors you should consider when creating your roller banner


Roller banners are seen most everywhere – at events, both outdoor and indoor ones, at shows and concerts, at bazaars and markets, at conferences, and inside shops and offices. The fact of the matter is that roller banners will always be a popular marketing tool, not only because they’re not as expensive as other marketing and promotional tools, but also because they can do the job of creating more exposure and awareness for your business. But designing the right roller banner takes time and a lot of careful thought and planning; it’s all about grabbing your audience’s attention – and retaining it, after all. So what do you need to think about when designing your own roller banner? Here are the most important factors you should consider when creating your roller banner.

1.- The logo’s placement

The placement of your logo has a big impact on how effective your roller banner can be. Where, then, should you place your logo? The answer is pretty simple, really: place it at the top, as confirmed by the top printers in Stockport, Harveyboard Print & Digital. The top of your banner should contain your logo along with your main message. A logo placed on top of your banner will immediately draw the eye of your audience, and they are more likely to remember your company and brand. The main message should be placed at eye level as well – whether it’s your slogan, a product image, a special sale or offer, or other key information.

2.- Prioritise

One thing you should remember is this: customers will always read from left to right and top to bottom in the English language (other languages may be different). So if your message is in English, then place your most important bits according to this format. Also, when designing your roller banner, you may be tempted to cram it with as much information as possible, and this is an absolute no-no. It will just result in information overload for your consumer. Keep your info to a minimum. Your message should be short but sweet. Your customers can always find out more about what you have to offer through other printed marketing tools such as leaflets and flyers. Less is more, and don’t forget the value of white space.

3.- Choose the proper colours

Colour can be used to the proper advantage when you are designing and creating your roller banner, and it can definitely help you get noticed, especially at a busy, crowded event. But when choosing the colours for your banner, make sure it complements your existing company colours and your logo. The colours you choose for the background should also allow your main message and text to be clearly read (choose a black background with white text, for instance); this is particularly important if you want your banner to be read from a distance.

4.- Get in touch!

It is kind of useless to have a roller banner when you don’t have your contact information on it. Your contact details should be included so interested clients can get in touch with you and find out more about your offerings. Make sure to include your telephone numbers, email address, and website address on your roller banner, and nowadays, it makes sense to include your social media pages as well. Your contact information can be placed in the banner’s bottom portion, but it should be easy to read as well as find.


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