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Key elements of strong logo design


In the past, when businesses created a logo, it was considered a process and a significant part of their overall branding and marketing. Now, with the ability to quickly throw together a logo, it seems like fewer businesses are recognizing the importance. A good logo has staying power and is timeless. Strong logo design can also ensure that your brand is memorable, and it can serve as the foundation for all other marketing a company does.

A timeless logo should create and build identity, recognition and brand loyalty, according to John Williams, in an article for Flashmarks.

The following are some considerations to keep in mind for an impactful logo design that is also timeless and enduring.


The best logos are often the simplest. They convey a lot, but they don’t look cluttered or overwhelming. Less is more is almost always a good rule to follow with logo design.

First, simpler logos are easier to understand, and they’re also easier to see and recognize in digital formats. If they’re printed at lower quality, they’re still going to be recognizable as well.

Your logo needs to be succinct and convey a certain tone, but it doesn’t have to say everything. Use clean lines and text that’s legible.


As much as simplicity is important in logo design, so is versatility. You have to think about all the many places your logo is likely to be. For example, it can be part of your digital presence, but it may also be printed in different places. Is it going to be on business vehicles or clothing? Will it be on a business card? How will it look across the board?

Versatile logos are going to look good at any size, and they’re simple, which goes back to the first element of good logo design. They should also look aesthetically pleasing and have a similar impact even if they’re printed or used in a single color.


You want to think about how you want people to feel when they see your logo. Do you want them to feel excited, or is your business more about a sense of efficiency and organization? Do you want them to feel a connection to the environment? Are you about high energy or is your business more about a sense of tranquility?

These are all things you need to define before starting to design your logo.

Every element including colors, fonts, and shapes are all going to influence your audience and evoke certain emotions, even if you don’t realize it.

For example, the psychology of colors is something to think about as you’re designing a logo. The color orange evokes feelings of friendliness and affordability, while the color blue is linked to a sense of calmness and trustworthiness. The color green is linked to a sense of natural elements and freshness.

Finally, just as there are psychological elements of color to think about, fonts can similarly create a sense of emotion. If your font is classic and solid, it’s going to feel strong and like your business has a long-term presence.


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