The right point of sale system can help a small business by speeding up transactions, collecting insightful data that managers can use for marketing, and providing an organizational hub for staff scheduling and timekeeping. To get the most out of your next upgrade, you’ll want to know what the top POS systems available in 2018 look like and what features you can expect from them. This year brought new entries from revel point of sale systems and a brilliant new generation of the Clover POS system with some sleek functionality upgrades.

The New Clover 2.0

The new system brings the ability to accept chip cards to your out-of-the-box experience, eliminating one of the few major criticisms of the original Clover design. On top of that, the app experience has been streamlined, with the most important and often-used features made standard. That means you can count on the new Clover for:

    • Better visual displays for table layout and orders
    • Faster payment processing
    • Customer-facing printer display
    • Time sheet management tools
    • Inventory tracking

New Offerings From Revel Point of Sale Systems

Revel POS models are flexible and easy to integrate with multiple mobile nodes because of its integration with the Apple iPad. It features a cash drawer, iPad display, printer, EMV reader, and more, providing all the infrastructure you need to complete transactions from the app on your device. With configurations made for full-service, quick-service and food truck enterprises, it’s built to be flexible when you need to be.

Find Out More About Today’s Point of Sale Systems

If you’re looking for your next point of sale system upgrade, you need to check out the variety of options available from all of today’s top manufacturers. Learn more by exploring all the products and features available at Merchant Account Solutions, and find the point of sale system that fits your operation’s needs to make the most of your investment in new equipment.


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