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What agencies look for when hiring freelancers


Being a freelancer sure has its perks: you choose your own clients, make your own hours and have the freedom to take a break when you desire.

But, life of a freelancer is not a bed of roses. You might dream about working with your new laptop on a beach with no worries, but such a dream can never become a reality. As a freelancer, you can experience long droughts with no work or have dealings with difficult clients who make freelance work hard for you.

Fortunately, you can balance your lifestyle as a freelancer by building relationships with agencies. If you provide quality work and they like it, you can continuously get your hands on new projects to maintain a steady stream of income.

In order to get hired by an agency, you must know what they look for when hiring freelancers. Therefore, in this post, we’ll highlight the most important things agencies look for when hiring freelancers.


Agencies can’t spend time coaching freelancers about the work; therefore they only take experienced pair of hands onboard. VM Interactive believes experience as a freelancer is your biggest asset. You must be able to show to the agency that you have successfully worked with several clients over a long time period. This will show that you are reliable and can be trusted for your work.

Companies hire fresh freelancers as well, but for a major project, they always prefer an experienced freelancer. If you don’t have enough experience working as a freelancer, start taking on multiple jobs from different clients to strengthen your portfolio and increase your chances of being hired by an agency.


You must be able to guarantee that you’ll communicate effectively and respond to messages and calls quickly. Employers get extremely frustrated when freelancers don’t attend their calls and respond to the texts. Provide your email address, your contact no. and other means to reach you and assure the agency that you will never ditch them.


If an agency is to hire you, it must be able to afford you — that’s a no brainer. But, that doesn’t mean an agency will hire you if you’re cheap and your work is of poor quality. They are looking for the value you can provide to and for them. The highest paid freelancers not only offer good work, they provide it on time and their attitude is positive.

So, tell an agency what you are worth and why you’re asking for this price. Show the agency, the value you can provide to it and be willing to negotiate.


The thing that separates a freelancer and can make them stand out from others is their creativity. You must show an agency how you’re different from others in your art. You can show your creativity through previous projects that you have completed. Don’t show everything you’ve ever completed, rather show your best projects to an agency to make sure you get the job.


You must be able to show to an agency that you can complete their assigned projects on time; otherwise, they won’t risk hiring you. If you are working with an agency, it is best not to focus on getting work from other clients as you won’t have enough time to complete the work of both parties. Dedicate all your time to an agency to show them that you have the time to complete their work before the given deadline.


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