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Succeeding as a professional writer

BusinessSucceeding as a professional writer

Writing for a living is the dream of many, but many of these dreamers do not make it their reality. Life and work get in the way, meaning the novel gets put on the shelf, only added to sporadically. What’s more, writer’s block is more practiced than actually writing, and all those good ideas go to waste. It’s a shame.

This need not be your reality. If you want to forge a career as a writer, then you should stop at nothing to make it happen. Plus, if you decide that you want more and that you actually want genuine success with your writing, there are ways to shape your writing style.

Get yourself educated

Many established career writers won’t have sought a specific education to break into the world of creative writing, and even more of them will tell you that you don’t need one. By getting yourself educated, however, you not only learn the ins and outs of how to put a piece of writing together, but you also get a taste for what it’s like to be a career writer before you even become one. Especially when you take a low-residency course, like the MFA in Creative Writing degree offered by St. Francis College, you give yourself the opportunity to work like a professional writer without uprooting your life or, more importantly, your work life, meaning you get to understand what it truly takes to balance your life. What is even more significant is that you get to experience this balance in an environment in which like-minded people surround you.

Become motivated

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

Stephen King hit the nail on the head with this quote, because even the most talented of writers won’t see themselves transition into a career as a writer if they don’t hard work — novels don’t write themselves! So, get yourself some motivation and stop letting being ‘too tired’ stop you from sitting down every night and adding to whatever piece of writing you are working on.

Be original

In many professions, you can fade into the background and do exactly the same as everybody else and you’ll still earn yourself a degree of success. As a writer who wants to forge a career from their talent, you won’t even find a smidgen of success if you do the same as everybody else, because originality is key. If you’re a novelist or a poet, you’re only going to sell your product if it offers the readers something they haven’t come across before, or if you’re a content writer, any sort of plagiarism will land you in a heap of trouble.

At the end of the day, nobody is guaranteed success as of a professional writer, no matter what they do or what advice they take. By taking that that you have read above, however, you will give yourself as good a chance as any to truly write your own career path.


  1. Being a professional writer is definitely not easy anymore. You have to have basic as well advanced writing skills. I will second your suggestion for creative course to perfect & polish writing skill. Being a professional ghostwriter, I have written many ebooks for several business belonging to different niche and at the same time I have taken several writing courses to further improve my skills.


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