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How to generate leads with PPC ads?

BusinessHow to generate leads with PPC ads?

There is no doubt that pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement is one of the most effective strategies for generating leads. Yet, many businesses are struggling to generate qualified leads through their PPC campaigns. Why?

The reason is that they aren’t using PPC ads properly. What good is having a powerful tool in your arsenal when you don’t know how to use it?

In order to help you get the maximum value out of your PPC lead generation campaigns, we’ll highlight a few secrets that you can use to optimize PPC advertisement.

1.- Use Landing Pages

Instead of linking PPC ads to your main website, link them to a focused landing page. Your website is designed to provide information about your products or your services; its main purpose is not to capture leads. On the other hand, a landing page is designed to generate an action from a visitor that can convert them into a lead.

The landing page should answer questions that users have when they click on your PPC advertisement. It should have one single focus and it should compel the user to make the final move whether it is subscribing to your blog site or providing their personal information to access gated content.

2.- Optimize Your Forms

The purpose of your lead generation forms that you include in your landing pages it to collect important information about a visitor. That information allows you to convert your visitor into a valuable lead. If your lead generation forms are too complicated, a visitor will usually not bother to complete them. Thus, there would no use of spending those valuable dollars on a fruitless PPC lead generation campaign.

Keep the form simple and only ask for basic information like the email address and the name of the visitor.

3.- Give Offers or Rewards

Include offers or rewards on your landing pages that will compel visitors to provide their sign-up information. There are several offers and rewards you can use to entice your visitors including eBooks, infographics, videos, discount coupons, etc.

Place your rewards and offers in a prominent location with a compelling call-to-action. Make sure to minimize distractions while you are providing these offers and keep the focus on the value visitors will get from signing-up for those rewards or offers.

4.- Provide Evidence that Supports Your Claims

You can greatly optimize your PPC lead generation campaigns by providing evidence that supports your advertising claims. Visitors are more likely to trust words of other users who have had good experience with your business.

Testimonials of other users who have signed-up for your offers can help you gain the trust of your audience and increase the likelihood of visitors providing their sign-up information.

5.- Track Conversions

Experts at Servme say that when you are trying to capture leads through PPC, it is important to track conversions. PPC networks like Facebook advertising and Google Adwords offer their own conversion tools to help advertisers track their lead generation efforts.

The reason you need to keep a track of conversions is because it will help you get a complete picture of your PPC campaign and help you determine whether the campaign is effective or not.


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