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Within the world of insurance, there are many different terms and titles for those that work in it. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about these job roles and what they do, then this is the blog for you.


These are the people that spend a lot of their time thinking about the likelihood of certain events. For example, if you’re taking out life insurance at age 50, being a smoker and living in a certain area – it’s their job to work out your risk of cashing in on that policy. This is a highly mathematical role that encompasses a range of different responsibilities concerning the calculation of these policies.

Actuaries can also have their own assistants and analysts to assist in these tasks. They can work in house or as an agency based solution for brokerages.


Following on from the actuary’s calculations, the underwriter figures out if a particular policy should be taken out. They assess the risk to the company involved with that person being covered by their insurance. While the actuary works on theoretical circumstances and calculations, the underwriter tends to deal with the real people to decide on a case by case basis.

Underwriters can do a lot of work for a single insurance policy, such as liaising with medical professionals. They have to have a real understanding of the client before calculating the potential risk involved.

Sales Agent

The person that actually gets people lining up and buying the insurance policies, the sales agent has a lot of jobs to juggle. They act as a sales person, collect information and in some cases also process the application on behalf of the client. This is a job that has changed a lot over the years, in research by Hiscox Insurance, business insurance providers, they’ve examined the evolution of various job titles in depth.

With the internet, evolution of comparison sites and other influences, a sales agent is a drastically different job than it was just a few short years ago. They have a much larger task than ever and most consumers now only care about the bottom line.

Customer Service Manager

A massive focus is now being placed on customer service across many industries, including the insurance sector. Most large insurance providers have a large customer service department, to deal with any issues as well as the retention of their customers. Insurance is an exceptionally competitive industry, so a focus on retention is key for these companies.

Within a customer service department, there are also associates and assistants under the manager. Typically, these centres work on a tiered system, with management setting customer service targets and others planning to achieve them. Retention departments can also exist within some larger companies that are tasked solely with those wishing to leave the insurance provider.

There are many job roles in the world of insurance and they can even vary from company to company. This is a varied sector and working within it can be radically different depending on the role.


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